What Unerwood Ammo will Hit Hardest & do most Damage?

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by Coffee Dog, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Opinion Needed:

    (1) Underwood .357 Sig-125gr.jhp @ 1500 fps

    (2) Underwood 40 caliber-135gr.jhp@1500 fps

    With the above 2 different caliber ammo's
    which ammo will hit hardest & cause the most

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  2. Seriously? Same velocity but one is bigger and heavier? Is this a joke?

  3. It's not a joke.

    I have both a 40 caliber & 357 sig barrels. Lighten up-ballistics is fun .:wavey:
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  4. Ah, sorry.

    The 40 will hit harder, the .357 will shoot easier.:wavey:
  5. The 357sig will likely penetrate significantly better. The SD of the 135gr 40 is lower than that of the 125gr 357sig. They will both likely get the job done, but I'm guessing in a standard gel test the 357sig would penetrate around 14-15inches and the 40 would only do 10-11 inches. Again just assumptions on my part.

    I would choose the 357sig
  6. that .40cal is damn near 10mm power levels.... be very carefull.
  7. I don't think you're too far off the mark. The sectional density thing is correct and should lead to a little more penetration.
  8. CoffeeDog, you have been posting thread after thread about "which .40 load is better?" and "what .40 load, this one or that one?", etc...

    If you are so skeptical of the ability of that caliber and you are always searching for the next hot load that will make that caliber do what it really wasn't designed for, it's time to step it up to something else. Go 10mm if you want that much power. Or .45 acp with hot, +P loads.

    Or you can load a 165gr bullet to 1400 fps, blow up your .40 gun, and proclaim "Yes! This was the load I was looking for!!!"
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  9. :rofl: :animlol:

  10. This.

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