What to do during the gun ban?

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by Kaiser Soze, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Thanks CatsMeow. The mother a little camera shy and close by trying to warm up in the morning sunlight[/IMG]

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  2. fallenangelhim

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  3. I am from Iba.....
  4. horge

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  5. Great place. I intend to do this road trip again one of these days and I'll try to remember to stop in Iba.

    Turns out I have a Central Luzon road map in the attache case in the office all along...
  6. magkano ba magandang hand held gps and where available?
  7. Kaiser Soze

    Kaiser Soze Notorious

    I've seen some for sale from time to time on sulit!

    Last I checked, there were 2nd hand ones for sale for less than 4k and some bnew ones for sale for around 8-10k depending on brand and features.

    There's one seller selling the Garmin Montana preloaded with Phil maps. Pricey at 26k but looks good.

  8. ang mahal pala ng handheld
    very helpful in finding restos in Manila
    Kahit a small hole in the wall carinderia here in our town nalolocate just by typing the name
  9. is it true na me lumabas na comelec exemption?

    for ppsa.....
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  10. JVMHGF

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    Shoot with my pellet gun and air rifle.
  11. Kaiser Soze

    Kaiser Soze Notorious

    Last I heard the PNP was tasked to locate the people behind a slew of fake Comelec Gun Ban exemptions that were issued. I heard about it as well, the going price is supposedly 5k. :soap:
  12. batangueno

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    Yung mga philippine team members bound for austalasia match meron na. Other ppsa members wala pa.
  13. Kaiser Soze

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    Glad to hear that! At least they can compete...now if the FED/PNP will only grant exemptions to legitimate gun owners who need to defend themselves due to real threats.
  14. smoothisfastmanila

    smoothisfastmanila packn'Thunder

    The best deal I suppose. Also just kidding...not ;)
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  15. smoothisfastmanila

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    'Got myself a slingshot and went shooting cardboard IPSC/IDPA targets w/ jolens at my backyard as a temporary fix.
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  16. br9


    Back to camping for the wife and I. We enjoy that too.
  17. guys try nyo din 1/6 scale gun collecting nakakatuwa din.

    ito akin:





  18. Kaiser Soze

    Kaiser Soze Notorious

    Nice Armory Jake
  19. sa makati square, hehe.

    magkakasundo siguro kayo ni Bien.

    jake pabili naman ng mag carrier na pang type56. txt kita.

  20. thanks bro. cheers

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