What to do during the gun ban?

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by Kaiser Soze, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. As a semi-serious response...I'm going to put away everything but my CCW and get out my RWS 34P air rifle. Shooting .177 cal. is about 3 cents a pop. It's got a nice little 3x9, weighs 8 lbs. and is very quiet. I could hit the Wally-Worlds today and get 10,000 hollow point pellets. They aren't even considered a firearm..cause they got no fire. But desperate times call for...and, they're crazy accurate too. Rabbits at 35 yds. Beats watching re-runs. :embarassed:

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  2. I have been thinking of getting an airgun too! bad part because of the election ban here (Phil) airsoft and airguns are also prohibited :(

    as a side note I just came from armscor got my pistol from safe keeping and got to fire 100 rounds - feels goooooooooddddd :cool:

  3. i have an anschutz mpr sa pnsa. someone can buy it and shoot it anytime :) it has a leupold 45x on it now
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  4. gunsup

    gunsup Junior Member

    Reload and make venison jerky. Other than that I am a slave to my wood stove all winter , C'mon April

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  5. batangueno

    batangueno Shock Resist

    Catching up on all the tv series i've missed. :)

    Walking Dead
    Breaking Bad
    Boardwalk Empire

    Any other suggestions?
  6. criminal minds, ncis and grimm

    check out this site for other series :cool:
  7. batangueno

    batangueno Shock Resist

    Ma-download na nga. :). Thanks.
  8. @ batangueno +100 on breaking bad
    season 5 rocks!!!
  9. I see we are not alone with laws that make zero sense...

    As a side not I met the guy that runs armscor nice guy! got to shoot his .22tcm what a great little pistol that is...

    It has made it to next on my list!

    Do you have an equivalent "2nd Amendment" in the Philippines?
    Or can the GOV just decide you are out of luck and you have no recourse?
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  10. mayhem23

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    Reload a coffee can full of 9mm brass and enroll in underwater basket weaving.
  11. Gun ownership is a privilege and yes gov can sa you are SOT :(

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  12. batangueno

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    I just finished season 2. 5 seasons na pala.
  13. Went to the Armscor range at MCS yesterday and popped off a few with one of their rental hi-cap 1911s, gun shot low and to the left and was awfully dirty but at least it was shooting, to make me feel better after the events of the past weeks. And best of all, I don't have to clean it myself after shooting.:supergrin:

    Last Saturday (again to make me feel better), I drove to Pangasinan via Zambales, refueled at Subic before proceeding (gas there is cheaper). I met a lot of cyclists going the other way. The whole trip was 625km per the odometer reading and I arrived in MM 11pm. I want to do it again.
  14. I go snow shoeing and take pictures
  15. There is a cycling race now - ronda something.
    Speaking of cleaning guns. I had to leave my gun dirty in Marikina. Geeezzz I better bring my cleaning gear next time I go. Hopefully it won't turn into a rust bucket next time I use it
  16. does that pass thru the towns of san narciso,zambales? that's beautiful amorsolo landscapes na nagiging rare na dito satin
    Sarap roadtrip!
    a GPS would be handy
    it will tell you the nearest anything from restos,hospitals to vulcanizing shops in an area
    Though of course getting lost, is part of the appeal :)
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  17. That sucks
  18. Oh I almost got lost in Iba, Zambales town proper, turns out the sign was facing the other way so I missed the intersection and had to turn around. Also on my way back I decided not to take the SCTEX and just go through MacArthur highway from Tarlac to Mabalacat, Pampanga I haven't done so in years, I was pleasantly surprised that the highway was widened.

    If gas wasn't so expensive I'd do it more often, as I did before when less than P1k would buy you a tankful.
  19. I would want to try a road trip going north east - Aurora then up to Banawe then Pinatubo. I think that would be an epic trip.


    Vigan then up to Sagada.
  20. A moose calf? Great find!

    Perhaps for regular road trips a big bike might be cool, but I don't have one.
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