What to do during the gun ban?

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by Kaiser Soze, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Shoot my Contender and bolt guns. Ammo goes a lot slower when shooting those for groups and grinding over every shot. Not unusual to shoot groups for an hour and consume 20-30 rounds, letting guns cool, taking my time.

    I'll still shoot 9mm and 5.56, since I have a lot of it. Like 5 year supply at current consumption pace.

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  2. T-Rod45

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    As long as it's 40-degrees or higher I'll ride my motorcycle. From late March to November all I did was ride, actually hadn't shot that entire span of time. Plus the ranges here are such a PITA to get into, and at $30/hr (without even getting into ammo cost), I can ride all day on that...

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  3. bonding time with the kids.
  4. Kaiser Soze

    Kaiser Soze Notorious

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, didn't expect this answer!!! :tongueout:

    I foolishly sold my mountain bike 2 years ago, I want to start again but kinda turned off by the cost of starting over...
  5. You know, that's similar to what I did last night, I decided to make like a SWAT guy around my lodgings, "pieing the corner", transition to left side, till I got sleepy and put my rifle away.

    As for biking, I don't have a bike at present but that should be a good hobby.
  6. A great time to restart my couch to 5k program, creaky knee acts up every so often. :)

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  7. Jack23

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    I will spend many days recreating Bruce Willis' roll in Last Man Standing and I'll play it out every day.

    "Looks like you'll have to kill us all."
    "It'll hurt if I do."

    BTW anybody ever count just how many rounds he fired for the whole move. Seems like it was about 25 to 30 between reloading. That's my favorite BW movie!

  8. saw some built cannondale hardtails kanina for 22k
    ang gaganda
    pwede na sya ikarera or century/ikot island rides

    in my case, I've been mtbiking for more than a decade na
    I'm treating this as my mid life crisis bike hehe
    Mura na din kasi the original idea was a ducati
    Nadowngrade naging bisikleta :)
  9. @kaiser you can join ur tito bien in doing group build robots yun tipong mga 1000 parts. tamang-tama yan pagkatapos mo mabuo 6 mos tapos na.
  10. Screw the gun ban. I will do exactly what I do now. My lifestyle will not change because of a ban. I have everything I need to keep me busy.
  11. anybody here do some wakeboarding?
    the lines are pretty long sa nuvali sta rosa
    how about calatagan? ok ba dun?
  12. Went fishing with Eyecutter and taurus earlier
  13. It's weird, but lately I had an urging to collect (don't laugh) X-Men comics, the ones from Booksale, I had already accumulated several before I restrained myself... Perhaps the gun ban will see me hunting for those comics I like..
  14. Nothing different because I won't be giving up my guns, nor will anyone else. The ban doesn't stand a chance in hell of passing, just a matter of letting the stupid panic buyers max out their credit cards and everything will settle. Probably gonna be some great deals in the coming months on ARs.
  15. Kaiser Soze

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    Hi Mike,

    Just to clarify, we're not talking about a gun ban which entails the turning over of firearms to the government, this is a Philippine sub forum, and we're discussing the election gun ban wherein our PTCFOR's (our equivalent of the CCW Permit) are temporarily cancelled for a pre-determined time before and after the actual election :)
  16. Jeez, my bad! Using tapatalk sometimes I miss the section name.

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  17. It's all right. This is our situation here for six (6) months, we can't even bring out our guns; if there is any shooting to be done it will have to be with rental guns at an indoor range. As such, we who consider the smell of gunpowder as heavenly are unhappy, to put it mildly. I trust you over there will never allow this to happen.

    This is supposed to curb election violence, the "guns" in guns, goons and gold, but it did not prevent a shooting at a courthouse in Cebu yesterday where a Canadian shot three people, two fatally, before he turned the gun on himself.
  18. As a semi-serious response...I'm going to put away everything but my CCW and get out my RWS 34P air rifle. Shooting .177 cal. is about 2 or 3 cents a pop. It's got a nice little 3x9, weighs 8 lbs. and is very quiet. I could hit the Wally-Worlds today and get 10,000 hollow point pellets. They aren't even considered a firearm..cause they got no fire. But desperate times call for...and, they're crazy accurate too. Rabbits at 35 yds. Beats watching re-runs. :embarassed: NOW I see I'm on the wrong threadthing..it still applies though. sorry
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