What to do during the gun ban?

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by Kaiser Soze, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Kaiser Soze

    Kaiser Soze Notorious

    I got my firing fix this weekend, shot 'til I got blisters on my fingers...although I can still shoot pests at our farm, and plink with my slingshot at home, I'm looking for something new to do during the gun ban months.

    Anybody got any ideas?:wavey:

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  3. Billiards :)

  4. Archery or Cycling :)
  5. Yeah me too, had my firing fix at my old club in Cebu at the weekends before Christmas and before New Year's. My right hand was a wee bit sore afterwards, but developed into a full soreness over the weekend, probably because of beer-and-peanuts... it's Colchicine time.:supergrin:

    I could still shoot, but it will have to be the range rental instead of my own piece. And I could "detail" my pistol after running a lot of range reloads through it without cleaning.
  6. I've started biking again during weekends, puro explo rides
    Enjoy na ulit pumedal w/ no particular destination
    basta may butas pasukin , hoping you discover something new sa mga lumang lugar

    plus, crossfit during weekdays
  7. Louisville Glocker

    Louisville Glocker Urban Redneck

    Read a book? Take some martial arts classes? Play some basketball? Learn some new skills? So many fun things to do in life.

    Yeah, I'm going to shoot a bit less this winter (though, winter isn't exactly the best time for outdoor ranges anyway, which is where I like to shoot). Hopefully, when it becomes obvious that nothing is going to make it through the House, prices will return to normal, and supply channels will fill up once again, and by spring ammo will be plentiful once again.

    I'm just thankful for every ammo order I put in over the past year. Nice to have at least a decent sized stockpile. I'm short on 357 but other than that, I'm good.
  8. PMMA97

    PMMA97 MNSAmessdetail

    I'm going to try juggling

  9. We are on the other side of the pond :) - Philippines. You guys have it almost as bad as we do :( - We have a gun ban every election time due to the violence ---- yeah easy to blame the legit gun owners. Hope you guys overcome the big weapons ban storm over there. I am sure it will also greatly affect us over here :crying:
  10. whoring count? hahaha just kidding ;)
  11. If gas wasn't so expensive, I'll indulge in one of my pet diversions, long-distance driving over the weekend.
  12. Boss CM,
    I like weekend roadtrips din , especially if it involves good company and masarap na kainan in the end
    Try nyo mountain biking
    I got into biking when I was burned out from ipsc
    Na BI ni EDTF hehe I havent regretted it
    Ang dami kong magagandang napuntahan lugar I havent been to before
    All within an hour away from my house if I was to drive there :)
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  13. I'm going to spend my time watching re-runs of House wives of Atlanta!

    That show ROCKS!!!!
  14. BBauer927

    BBauer927 Florida Glocker

    They aren't shutting down the ranges. Ammo may be hard to come by but won't be illegal. So how come you have to pick up a new hobby?
  15. batangueno

    batangueno Shock Resist

    Here in the Philippines, the government imposes a 6 month gun ban during an election season. During this gun ban period, licensed gun owners are not allowed to carry or even transport their firearms to/from the range. So you can just imagine the suffering we have to endure during this time. :)
  16. horge

    horge -=-=-=-=-
    Lifetime Member

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  17. Same with Allegra.. thinking bout Biking... not thinking pala. Sure na. once may stock :) hahahah
  18. Running around the house with my MP5, reliving EVERY scene from Die Hard.

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