What the Heck is Going On?

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by PghJim, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. I can understand the rush on AR's and other highcapacity guns and I figured a .223/5.56 ammo shortage to go along with it. However, you cannot find any ammo, except for 357 sig. All 9mm's are gone and all bullets for reloading are gone with the exception of a few FMJ or hard cast.

    I guess I am just looking for a reason for such a reaction. Of course it could also be the 1.6 billion rounds Homeland Security has ordered. That could be what is holding up the presses and using components.

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  3. With the AWB BS going around, there are dozens of proposed laws to raise costs on ammo &/or regulations like lic to purchase. So people are trying to get a leg up on any new anti gun/shooting laws they may make it thru congress. The 1.6B roudns is an interesting story, but doesn't explain shortages in a all calibers across the boards.

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  4. FatBoy

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    Well, I'd say people are just buying whatever they can. My local WMs sell out of all the popular shooting cals as soon as it arrives. A friend of mine, after looking and leaving empty handed so many times, has started buying 30-06. As they always have that.

    9mm is one of the most popular rounds in the US. People have been buying that up for years. Now with the panic people are just buying all they can. Try buying primers. If you can find any, they have a 2k limit. End up paying $50 for shipping when you include the HazMAt fee.

    One of the post Shot Show blogs I read, said the ATK reps said they were currently taking orders for 2015 delivery. 2013 and 14 production was already sold out.
  5. One proposal included outlawing the sale of ammunition from online sources. That is part of it.

    Tobacco products cannot be purchased via phone, e-mail, mail-order, or online. Some speculated the same thing was going to happen to ammunition.

    I doubt it will happen and also doubt ammo supplies/prices will return to "normal" before summer because of this run. It is scarce and expensive everywhere in the U.S. That won't change in a month or two. It will take time, several months at a minimum.
  6. A bunch of panicky and GREEDY A holes buying everything up. I just traded into a G23 and can't find a mag to buy anywhere.
  7. Check the mag STICKY at the top for places to get mags. Check Midwayusa.com and click the "Notify Me" button if they are out.

  8. This + there are a lot of people coming out of the woodwork to buy a gun for the first time with all the hooplah and obviously they require ammo.
  9. SCmasterblaster

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    So true - it is a seller's market for sure.
  10. Your right about greed. Lots of guys buying and flipping ammo to make a profit on it.

    Keep an eye on Natchez they had factory G23 mags instock last time i looked.
  11. Palmguy

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  13. I have a little honey hole here in Tucson that always has reloading material, I just bought 500 .45 molly coated bullets, 1000 lrg pistol and 1000 small rifle primers. They have all the powder you could imagine.
  14. SCmasterblaster

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    If I had a jet, I'd fly out there. I'm in VT. :cool:
  15. Midway USA has G 23 Mags in stock for $ 24.99 ea. limit 2 per customer.
  16. SCmasterblaster

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    I wonder why they limit 2 per customer?
  17. Sold out again.
  18. SCmasterblaster

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    It is certainly a buyer's market out there. :upeyes:
  19. Glock for the longest time was 250,000 pistols behind in orders. They are now more than 750,000 pistols behind and 1 million mags behind. Glock has raised mag prices.

  20. Corrected.
  21. Warp


    Because on the open market they easily sell for over $25. If there was no limit you might get a few people who would order 50 or 100 and then simply flip them for profit on Gunbroker or at a gun show, whatever. They want to give more customers an opportunity at them, but they don't want to raise their price to reflect market conditions.
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