What spring for Glock 20SF??

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by gatorbait69, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, looking for some help. I just got a 20SF and ordered a bunch of 180 gr XTP from underwood. Going to run that pretty exclusively and possibly some 165 gr Gold Dots from underwood.

    What RSA should I be using? I shot it yesterday and it feed and felt fine.

    I've read alot about keeping stock.

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  3. The Glock factory spring for the 10mm is made for 10mm.

    Leave it.

  4. cowboywannabe

    cowboywannabe you savvy?

    i prefer the 20 pound recoil spring and guide rod assy from either glock meister or lone wolff.
  5. Be forewarned, Glockmeister is pretty slamed right now.
  6. Arc Angel

    Arc Angel Deus Vult!

    The standard weight 17# recoil spring will be fine. Personally, and for your described use, I wouldn't use any spring heavier than 19#'s - Especially not with any of the factory's current extractors.

    Screw, 'stock'! I run vastly superior Wolff Gunsprings' NP3-coated, non-captured, steel rods; and standard weight, (17#) Wolff springs in both of my G-21's. As a result my polymer frames vibrate far less whenever I fire; and this large caliber Glock - that has the same frame size as your pistol - smooths right out. :thumbsup:
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  7. Okay, so 3 different folks with 3 different suggestions. LOL!!

    I'm more confused now. I will just leave it and continue to read posts and see if anything strikes me differently. I like the idea of less felt recoil only because that will be better for accuracy.

    Any more suggestions??
  8. I have the:
    22-lb Tungsten Competition Recoil Spring for Glocks:

    I don't even know for certain who makes it. But it works perfectly for me, withouto a single FTF. I have mine paired with a 6" KKM barrel and fire mostly things like 200gr bulets at 1,150+fps or 180gr bullets at 1,350+ fps. I lighter spring may work better for lighter loads, but I just shoot my 40S&Ws when I don't want to shoot full-bore 10mm rounds.

    I agree with the reviews on that link about the recoil-reduction. Mine is a Gen3 G20SF. I don't know how those springs work on a Gen4 vs. the stock spring and you need some adapter ring to make it work on at Gen4.
  9. 20lb spring with SS rod. Keep the stock RSA. Shoot for yourself and decide.
  10. dm1906

    dm1906 Retired SO

    A heavier spring won't reduce "felt recoil". Most often, it will increase it.
  11. With the hotter loads I shoot, it seems to. But I can't be sure because at the same time, I added a tungsten rod, which adds more wieght up front. Together though, the definitely make it easier and quicker to shoot.
  12. I'm using the 22lb in my g20 but I'm thinking of dropping down to the 20...
  13. Also, I failed to mention, and take it for what you think it's worth, I got a stiffer spring for shooting the hot stuff (all I shoot in my 10mm) in part because of Tim Sundle's comments about such ammo:

    "If you are firing this 10mm ammo from an autoloader and experience high extreme spreads in velocity, it is not the ammo. Here is why and how to remedy the situation.
    Full power 10mm ammo has always generated enough recoil and pressure to require a pretty stiff recoil spring in your handgun - this of course depends on several variables such as your slide weight, etc. When the cartridge fires, it generates enough pressure/recoil to prematurely open your breech face in some guns. When this happens, the opening breech face has an effect on the burn rate of the powder. This can result in some fairly high extreme spreads in velocity. If you are experiencing extreme velocity spreads of more than 50 fps, simply install a stiffer recoil spring. For example, I have an original Colt Delta Elite. This gun with the factory spring runs extreme spreads of about 35fps with both of these 10mm loads. I am happy with 35 fps, so I leave the Delta Elite as is. I also have a custom built Para Ordinance with a Nowlin barrel. It runs extreme spreads of about 70 fps with its original recoil spring. When I install a spring that is 4 lbs stiffer, the extreme spread drops to about 35 fps. The new Glock model 20 comes with a recoil spring that allows the breech face to open too soon and my new Glock model 20 will get extreme spreads of about 100fps with the factory spring installed. When I go to a stiffer recoil spring, the extreme spreads drop to about 50 fps in my new Glock model 20. Of course none of this will be an issue in a revolver. None of this will be an issue in real life either, as these high extreme spreads don't hurt accuracy or function. However, I mention this because if you are like me and want things to be as correct as possible, I have outlined the problem and the solution. The industry fixed all these problems initially, by watering down the 10mm ammo over the last several years. The watered down 10mm ammo does not generate the pressure/recoil to open the breech face early. If you want the full powered 10mm ammo we make, you simply need to tweak your pistol. Or just realize that you are getting some fairly high extreme spreads and ignore it or live with it. It's not hurting any thing in reality." https://www.buffalobore.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=114
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  14. I've read that quote, but have seen things work differently several times, so don't think it holds water. I also don't see how it is physically possible for the breech to open under pressure unless the extractor overrides, and then you would have a jam-o-matic.

    In my food for thought thread in the 10mm reloading forum, sd dropped quite a bit with heavier loads. In the 10mm recoil spring video there was no clear trend either way using hot ammo. If the breech caused the velocity swings there should be some sort of indication in the brass, like it stretching .1" or a bulged casehead or a broken shell, since we are talking about the slide retreating a significant amount while under pressure.

    A better test would be one that showed sd dropping as you went from firing without recoil spring, to stock spring, to heavy spring, to holding the breech closed, or at least a clear delineation between inadequate and proper support.
  15. Thanks for the feedback Any Cal. You may be correct. One way to exclude the auto's operation would be to try them from a revolver or rifle or do what these guys did: http://www.ballisticsbytheinch.com/10mm.html

    I have been chomping at the bit to chrono a bunch of 10mm loads, but it's tooo difficult/impossible for me to do at the range, so I need to get on some private land. The only BB loads I have chronoed was their 360gr .454 loads out of my 7-1/2" FA. I shot five rounds, and they all were between 1,488 & 1,503 fps. Perhaps that was a fluke, but if not, I would be interested to see whether their 10mm loads are as consistent.
  16. Taterhead

    Taterhead Counting Beans

    Any Cal, I tend to agree with your take on this. I still have not seen convincing evidence to convince me that spring rate has much to do with lockup under pressure.

    MarineHawk, the BB 10mm auto loads I tested had a tight SD on velocity with a spread of 25 fps. Consistent stuff. This was a 180 @ 1335 average from a 4.6" barrel. Pretty solid ammo. Too bad they load that crappy Montana Gold bullet now though.
  17. Wow!! Really? Are you just looking for an excuse to modify your gun? They work really well stock.

    If you've got extra money to spend, I'd recommend spending it on ammo and range time until you can get the bullets to all start going into the same hole.
  18. Opie 1 Kenopie

    Opie 1 Kenopie Regular Guy

    ^^^. This. Leave it stock. You'll be just fine.
  19. Taterhead

    Taterhead Counting Beans

    :rofl: MD, that is funny. Great advice, but funny.
  20. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    this. Stock weight springs. SS Guide rod.
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  21. Thanks Tater. Good to know.

    How bad are the Montana Gold bullets? I read elsewhere complaints about them, but I don't know much else.

    That 180gr BB cartridge is one of the most-powerful anyone loads in 10mm. It's a shame BB doesn't load it with a tougher, perhaps all-copper, bullet.

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