What should I do??? (my friends are anti-gun)

Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by serve_and_protect, Feb 6, 2014.

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    You dont do anything... I have friends that are liberal. It doesnt make them less capable of being a good friend. Friendship is a investment in many things and as long as you get a return on that investment, its not a wasted venture.

    I have several friends who are anti gun.. I respect that position to the degree that I do not carry to their home or in the cars but other than that, I tell them to shut up about it. I have had no problems with it nor have I lost any friends over it.

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    Rules: With friends never discuss religion, money, or guns.

  3. Bruce M

    Perhaps continue to treat them with respect and as friends until or unless they stop doing the same for you. Hopefully there is more common ground than disagreement.
  4. One on one conversation is where you can really win the heart and mind. Be kind, trustworthy and articulate. Some people are just beyond reasoning, sadly enough.
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    I didn't really see where they'd left him w/ that ultimatum, just seem to be really pushing him to give up his firearms.

    This was also my first thought while reading that first post,
  6. Find the weak one and cut him from the herd. One by one they will convert.

    Seriously, it's like any belief or conviction. Which matters more and does one interfere with the other? You're also better off telling people why you believe instead of why they should believe.
  7. Way to early to tell if you are a troll. I figure either that, or this conversation with your friends prompted you to join GT. Your name implies that you are a law enforcement officer, but if you were, it would be surprising that your friends were surprised.

    We obviously can't tell you what to do. You have to decide if it is worth it to be friends with people that don't respect your decision to be able to defend yourself. I would probably continue to be friends with them, and either not bring it up, or ask them what they would do if someone breaks in their house.

    Speaking of that, if all of your guns are unloaded and locked up, if someone does break in, they probably won't do you any good.
  8. Smells like BS. But in the chance that it's not, if your friends were truly your friends, they would accept your beliefs. You are not breaking any laws and it is like you stated, your constitutional right.

    You have a few options:
    - Get new friends who respect you whether or not they agree with you
    - Continue current friendships and stop bringing up this subject
    - If they continue to bring it up, ask them firmly to stop and let them know that you do expect them to respect your belief just like you respect theirs.

    You don't have to justify your reasons to anybody. I've head people tell me that I should get rid of my firearms. My answer is always along the lines of "this subject is not negotiable." Depending on who I am talking to, I may try to help them see my viewpoint and reasoning.
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  9. Ignore those ****** bags. You need a better class of friends any way. Sounds like a good time to adopt the practice of open carry. It may save you a lot of time and heart ache by sorting out your real friends from among a pack of left wing phony liberals.
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  10. Troll or not, this is EXACTLY how antis think. They would roll over and die pleading with some demon spawn to spare their lives while said spawn cut their gizzards loose with a dull butter knife wrather than defend themselves.

    Personally, I can't imagine (much less abide) such a mindset, but I have seen and heard such statements myself. I find the one especially telling. That 'they don't trust themselves with a gun' so why in the name of John Moses Browning would they trust you with one. That's the crux of the matter right there. They don't trust themselves, so no one else can be trusted either, regardless of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

    I had one (lady online from Austrailia) friend politely ask me to change the subject when I in polite terms told her I refused to be food for some godless vermin. We haven't spoken since and probably won't again through no wish of my own.


    P.S. I once watched an anti gun lady all but turn green with fear when I told her I had an AK. Like I was a terrorist wannabe ready to slaughter everyone is sight. AKs have that effect on people Im told.

    Just the pure evil of the darned old things posions the mind...
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    Try to educate them, even offer to tak them shooting. If they don't want to learn, and only complain, then change the subject when they bring it up.
  12. OP
    People like you described are not your friends.
  13. Why in the world should the OP make any effort to educate or appease such a pack of pansies? You don't owe them anything including an explanation. Stop letting them make you feel like you do. If you REALLY still want to be friends, treat like you would any other time a friend says something stupid, just ignore it and go on with what ever conversation you want to have like they never said a thing. Any one who doesn't even trust their self with a gun, sure as heck should never be encouraged to get one or make decisions about them for any one else. Who could know him better than he knows himself and he's labeled himself as irresponsible and not to be trusted concerning firearms. Take his word for it.

    Be friends when you can. That's all you need to do. Just let nature take it's course, you don't owe them anything beyond that. It will solve it's self eventually.
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    Yea that, or you could just ditch the SOB's and find better friends. :supergrin:
  15. Lone_Wolfe

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    Oh, the'll ditch him soon enough when he resuses to pander to them.
  16. If the OP is serious I suggest the AR-7 as a neat somewhat non threatening way to get them into shooting. http://henryrepeating.com/rifle-survival-ar7.cfm Show them basic safety rules and have shoot at targets that provide instant feedback. Steel targets, tin cans or the rolling plastic targets. Don't get all serious about self defense, make it fun. BTW if anyone gives any indications that they can't be trusted with a firearm don't let them get their hands on one of yours.
  17. Should we ridicule the sheeple or try to win them over to our side? I say ignore the worst of them and try to recruit the the best of them.
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    Well fair enough :wavey:
  19. Folsom_Prison

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    Have you ever had a true friend? These "real" friends like OP describes aren't "true" friends.
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    Since MOST fear of guns comes from a position of ignorance, a little education can be a good thing. And if he opens the eyes of one person, that's one person more than was on our side yesterday.


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