What shotgun for $500?

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by blaster_54738, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. I have $500 and I want a new tactical shotgun. I'm leaning towards the Benelli Supernova Tactical at the momment. Will be going to look/buy in about 9 hours so any suggestions will be appreciated.

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  2. The Benelli Supernova Tactical is a great gun but so is the Remington. I went with the 12 gauge Remington 870 Express, model 25077, 18 1/2 inch Barrel, 2 shell magazine extension, 6+1 magazine capacity, speed feed slide fore-end for $370. I needed to save some money because I had my eyes on a Mossberg 930 SPX, great tactical auto for $657 out the door. But that is another story.

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  3. An 18.5" Remington 870 and use the extra money for ammo.

  4. already have tons of ammo so that's not needed.
  5. IMO nothing is better than and 870 for an inexpensive HD shotgun, personally I use a 11-87 as my duck/bedroom shotty, some people say pump is more reliable but I really don't think so maybe w/ bird shot you could get some weak rounds that would make in not function 100% but I'm pretty sure the 3" 00 buck have the recoil to make it work. I KNOW THEY DO! I've got several thousand round thru this gun and know it is a workhorse.
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    spend a little more for the Mossberg 930 SPX ... it's the bomb.
  7. Saiga 12 with a 20rnd drum.

    Michael Palombi
  8. won't own a mossberg. i use to have one when i was younger for deer and turkey and didn't like it, seemed for lack of a better term, cheap and every one i've picked up since has felt the same way. i've had an 870 express too and really didn't care for it either. was probably just the gun but it had failure to feed issues, shells wouldn't come out of the magazine tube so thats why i was leaning towards the benelli. i guess we'll just see what i can find today. i'll post pictures if i can find one that suits my needs.
  9. thought about it if somebody sold them around here
  10. The SuperNova is probably the best value for $500 in a pump shotgun you can buy today. I love the 870's but I could not deny the facts and features of the new SuperNova. It won shotgun of the year a few years back for a reason. I try not to buy stuff solely on blind faith to a brand or hype. The 870 is an amazing shotgun and I will own one someday when I need another pump but it is based on 1950's technology. Caburators work but so does fuel injection. The SuperNova is just a product of advancement that comes with time, new technology and Italian engineering. There is nothing wrong with that.

    If Remington or Mossberg made a gun with all the features the Benelli has guess what? I'd be buying their gun.
    Chrome lined barrels to fight corrosion,
    rotating dual lug bolt head like an M14
    mag stop button,
    safety button forward of the trigger guard, thats oversized from the factory
    polymer armor coating like a Glock mag,
    built in sling studs,
    ghost ring sights,
    recoil reducing stock with no springs,
    non-spring loaded load gate that doesnt pinch your fingers, locks out of the way like Mossbergs
    Remington style slide release button
    hi viz follower from the factory,
    spring loaded pinned extractor vs riveted,
    shoots everything up to 3.5" shells
    60 seconds to field strip and reassemble...

    C'mon thats alot of bang for the buck.

    Of course non of this stuff is NEEDED to do the job of sending 00-buck down range but for an extra $150 you get alot over the traditional 870's and 500s.

    Here is a good short review on it from shotgunworld.com if you are interested
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  11. mixflip, you got me scratching my head.
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  12. Actually went and bought a Mossberg 500 persuader yesterday for $379, 18.5 barrel, parkerized, black stocks. I was going to buy the Supernova Tactical for $469, but it just seemed so big and heavy. Maybe it was just me, but the Mossberg seemed so much lighter, or it just fit me better. Benelli's a nice gun but the 500 design was and has been used by the US military for years.
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    ScrappyDoo Tacticool brah!

    Geez I got my 930 SPX on Super Bowl Sunday and it's not even been a month and now I'm jonesing for a damn Benelli. Thanks a lot mixflip!
  14. Lol...sorry Frank and Scrappy. Hey life aint bad if you end up owning a Mossberg 930 SPX and a Benelli SuperNova Tactical.

    Btw way guys I have a new Benelli SuperNova review just posted on youtube if you really want to learn more about my new pump shotgun in detail. Hopefully I dont piss off too many Remington & Mossberg pump lovers?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKIUaiLc0yU part 1

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlTrx8c-eOs part 2
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  15. I have a Nova that I use for Duck/Goose hunting. It is built like a tank. A couple of friends have them as well. They have been used as paddles, poles for pushing off river banks ( unloaded of course ) bounced around canoes and trucks and generally beat all to hell. One of my Friends refuses to clean his. Every once in a while he will aim some wd40 at it and hope some lands on it.:rofl:
  16. went with the Benelli. It was a toss up between that and the 870, they were both set up almost identical and the prices were the same. the supernova has ghost rings and felt better so thats what i went with. pics to come soon
  17. I bought my Benelli SNT because it was beefier than the "other guys".

    It was heavier feeling, but the balance was great. Then I put a mag extension on and once it had a snoot full of shot it was pretty heavy and of course changed the balance making it not so easy to swing around, but for 7+1 I'll deal with the weight.

    You won't be sorry with the SNT.
  18. Maybe its just me but since I owned a Mossberg 590 (9 shot obviously) a tank of a shotgun...I dont feel like my Benelli is heavy at all?

    I'd like to think its my massive muscles but that aint even close to the truth, lol.
  19. mossberg 500 tactical for about 350$ the rest of the cash for ammo
  20. Just watched your review, pretty much covered everything, good job.

    I'd like to add a couple of things, if I may.

    Pro: Hammer forged barrels.

    Con: Barrels cost $300.

    As for the weight, mine feels much heavier than my M70AB2 does, loaded. Probably just because the ammo is loaded horizontally out towards the front and not vertical under the receiver like the AK.

    Maybe I just need to do some pushups. :)

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