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What pellet gun should I get?

Discussion in 'The Airgun and Paintball Club' started by tiva, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. tiva

    tiva Wet Member

    I'm wanting to get a pellet gun and thinking of going with a Benjamin. What do ya'll think? I need to stay around $100.
  2. glooooock

    glooooock Tall Member

    Your price range is pretty low , Depends what your doing , target . critters , indoor ,in the back of the truck toy. The European spring / breaking action rifles and American multi pumps ( Sheridan / Benjamin )seem to hold up the best.

    I would get a .20 or .22 pellet for critters ,see if a local gun shop has used airguns or some local (craig's list) type web-sell site. Some of the single stroke pistols are good in door paper punching ,low powered and not too noisy.

    More choices at the $150 -200 range. Walmart - Cabelas.

  3. tiva

    tiva Wet Member

    Yeah the price range is low because the income is low. I really just wanted to make sure no one out there has any gripes about benjamin pellet guns. And yes it is going to be for critters, mainly dogs not really trying to kill anything just want them to stop coming in my yard.
  4. glooooock

    glooooock Tall Member

    The Benjamin is a perfect rig for Dogs ,get the .22 if you have a choice. I think your talking about the pump model ,they made Co2 guns as well. I have had a few over the years , the weak link is the pump arm and pin. Watch how you pump it / keep it lubed up , get a rear peep sight.

    I still think looking for a used one, would be better quality and price.
  5. tiva

    tiva Wet Member

    I found a Winchester 800x for $120 that comes with a scope and has over 800 fps with one pump. Sounds pretty good to me what do you think glooooock?
  6. glooooock

    glooooock Tall Member

    That win. 800X is a better /more accurate gun. But for dog chasing the Benjamin has more variable power control ,with the pumping strokes.
    A 1-2 pumps it wouldn't break a window or put a hole in a beer can. While 10 -12 pumps its might go through 1" pine ,kill most anything up to a coyote.

    The pump might be a little louder , the Winchester would be quicker to reload. If you can find heavy pellets / flat heads you could shoot dogs in the ass at 60 -70 ft. ,,, still might be too powerful for that. They rarely make the high spec. velocity without using super light pellets.

    Maybe you need a paintball gun with Tabasco reloads, thats a dog chasing rig. It depends on the range.
  7. tiva

    tiva Wet Member

    I have a paintball gun but I found that to be kind of a pain sneeking out in the middle of the night to pop a dog. The loudness of the paintballs wakes the wife and the things are a little clunky for storage in the living room.
  8. glooooock

    glooooock Tall Member

    I am trying to get a feel for your location ,if your night shooting you need the cheapo red dot sight. Are you more country or just shooting down an alley in Chicago at dogs in the trash.

    You need to set up a hole or slot to have your rig is ready to fire, none of this banging around in the weapons locker at night.

    You might have to go low tech , some of the pistols are low powered to blast non injury shots at dogs. Maybe a sling shot or blowgun / Bow & arrow with a golf ball tip ?
  9. tiva

    tiva Wet Member

    Im in the boonies. And the pellet gun will definately be used for things other than shooting dogs. I will probably do alot of shooting around the house because of bordem. And I can't say if I will be shooting more at night or day because the dogs out here come at all times. Basically I just want a QUALITY pellet gun for around $100 and to tell you the truth this is going to be my Christmas present from my mom so I'm just trying to do a little research before I go get one when she comes down to visit. But I really do appreciate all of the input.
  10. glooooock

    glooooock Tall Member

    OK ,Try and get a .20 0r .22 pellet as the .177 are not as good for critters. The .177s are more accurate, Hey if your looking for a super saver, the Chinese spring guns are great for the price.

    If you dont need to vary the power ( Benjamin ) , just get the single break spring gun you had in mind ,win. 800X I saw it for $90.00 on-line somewhere.

    Remember the strong spring gun will kick / noise ( booing ) .Where the pump gun will be a puff, generally have a lighter trigger.

    Happy plinking
  11. tiva

    tiva Wet Member

    Will do man. Like I said before I appreciate the input.