What not to do with your duty weapon when you go to the bathroom...

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by steveksux, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. I do my code browns at the station or home. Whichever one is closer. Usually no more than 5 minutes away

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  2. Morris


    Nothing like being 10-7 on paperwork when the call of the year comes out . . .

  3. I have done this also. Put it to the gun is pointed away so its the same draw as on my waist. On nights there are no detectives in and their bathroom is nice, big, clean and has a hook on the door to hang it up. The worst I have done is leave my cell phone on the toilet paper holder and forget about it. Most are guilty of texting on the throne.:wavey:
    my call out is "I'll be at the PD for equipment".
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  4. txleapd

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    When I was on patrol, and had to take a crap, I went to the nearest firehouse. Just stink up the hose-draggers' house.

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    GRIMLET Deceased

    I did my best work on the throne while responding to the GNG, Gun Control and Political Issues subforums.


    Oh, Im on it now!

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  6. Touché

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  7. Kingarthurhk

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    When I had to worry about the duty belt, I had miles of nothing, so I wasn't too concerned. The great outdoors was the toilet.

    These days, I carried concealed anyway, so it stays on the pants belt in its holster. So, no worries.
  8. lpo

    lpo what?!?!?!?!?

    I was able to leave my doody belt ( :) ) on when I needed to "answer the call". I just made sure the stall was a handicap stall that had the door opposite of my gun hand.

    Side note for anyone else that does this. Stand up and take a step forward before you pull your pants up. You'll save yourself some money on that pair of hamdcuffs/ asp/ mace that you just aren't willing to put back on your belt. :whistling:

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  9. We use restrooms that have a hole in the stall wall. Usually there is a rod thru the hole and we just hang the gun on it.

    It's weird though, usually I hear some weird sounds coming from the stall next to me. It's pretty neat, the rod quickly retracts after removing the gun. The vice guys were asking about it too?

  10. Badger54


  11. I work a big county and we have to duke where ever we can. Always keep your belt close, but I see no reason to remove the pistol from the holster. Damn rentacops lol
  12. Lol

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  13. THIS! Or the DBR method, I can't keep it attached to my pants... lets just say I had a bad experience :rofl:
  14. [​IMG]
  15. BlisteringSilence

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    We give the rookies a list of places that are open 24 hours, have clean bathrooms, and provide these baby changing stations or are one-holers where you can lock the door. I don't know why that's not official policy everywhere. There are only about 10 places in the county that you go that aren't within about a 10 minute drive.

    Personally, I keep a small roll of TP in the duty bag in a ziplock. I have had to use it on a number of occasions.
  16. Apologies... I didn't read but the first few posts... But BEWARE of automatic/motion controlled sinks and putting anything in there... Just say I have seen it happen. ;)


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