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Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by svtpwnz, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. I am trying to decide on my next 1911 and I am looking at a Baer Stinger stainless, Ed brown Special Forces two tone, SA Custom Pro or TRP stainless. I am looking to purchase within the next few weeks and I was just looking for some suggestions on what some of you 1911 gurus would select and why. My current 1911 line up consists of a Wilson CQB Compact, Kimber Ultra Raptor stainless, Kimber Ultra Crimson Trace, and SA EMP 9mm. The pistol will be used for fun and not carry and mostly a safe queen. I am leaning more towards the Baer Stinger as I love a commander stainless 1911!! All comments and suggestions are welcomed and thanks!

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  2. Get 2 RIAs and send one to me ... :supergrin:. I would go with the Baer just because. To be honest though, I don't think I could EVER bring myself to spend more then $1500 on ANY gun. Even if I was a millionaire that would hurt ...

  3. Haha, I hear ya. I am no millionaire by any means, but I do however love nice 1911's. I don't play golf or spend money on money pit cars and you only live once. I am leaning towards the Baer but I am open to suggestions too and thanks for yours. :thumbsup: Also, I meant to post this in the 1911 forum, but made the rookie mistake of posting it here. :faint:
  4. Head on over to the 1911 forum here, best place for 1911 advice

    Be warned though, spending too much time there can get expensive :supergrin:
  5. It's funny you ask this. I have been thinking about the same thing for the last couple of weeks. I have a WC on order right now and I am debating what to get next. The only difference between you and I is the Brown. I have the Centennial EE on my mind. I haven't been able to choose but would love to hear what others think.
  6. Haha, no kidding! Quack and the guys are killing me!:wow:
  7. Hmmmm, yet another option that I haven't put much thought into. So many tough choices:faint:
  8. :rofl: Sorry I didn't mean to complicate it anymore.:rofl:
  9. Haha, its cool. That EB stainless EE sure is saweeeeeet though.:wow:
  10. It is but the Centennial EE is the one that I am thinking about.
  11. You need to ask this in the 1911 sub-forum.
  12. You've already got a good supply of compacts and sub-compacts. While I love both of my Les Baer 1911's, it doesn't look like you need another compact. I am very impressed with the Springfield custom shop, but the particular models you're looking at are not in that category. I'd got with the 2-tone Brown Special Forces out of your list. I have one, and love it. It also seems like it would best compliment what you already have.
  13. I wonder if we can get this moved over there?
  14. I'd lean towards the SACS Pro.
  15. All three are excellent. I like Springfield the most, followed by Baer, then Brown.



  16. glock2740

    glock2740 Gun lover.

    Hard to go wrong with the Guncrafter No Name Commander. :cool:

  17. Two Guns

    Two Guns VIP MEMBER

    I have always wanted a Springfield Armory Pro. All you will need to wait is a year.
  18. Joe that things is sweet.
  19. The No Name is great. :)
  20. Oh trust me its on the list also.:supergrin:

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