What lubricant do you use and why?

Discussion in 'Gun-Parts & Access.' started by XF7Industries, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. FrogLube paste & liquid CLP!
    Is all I use now!

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  2. thekobk

    thekobk 'OP'

    another vote for frog lube. how many of you can clean your gun and have your wife tell you she likes that smell?

  3. bryzo

    You can fire a gun wet, clean, or dirty, but you cannot fire it dry. I've used bicycle chain lube, break free, vagisil, and one time in the field I used the oil from a dipstick on an M4. With all that said, Hoppes!
  4. 25pd

    Been using 'WALLYS' Rapid Fire Gun oil for semi autos on all of my glocks for several years and it works great- no hangups on qualifying during rapid firing jmop:wavey:
  5. xRUSTYx

    xRUSTYx 9mm Fanboy

    * Slip 2000 EWL on Handguns
    * Slip 2000 EWL 30 on Shotguns and AR's that sit vertically in the safe. Most lubes won't stay still on an AR when the firearms is sitting vertically. EWL 30 is thicker and thus stays put :)
  6. Slayer

    Slayer A Simple Man

    Slip 2000 EWL, Frog Lube paste, Seal 1 Paste and Fireclean. All 4 are awesome stuff but the FL and Seal 1 paste are my favorite. You heat the metal parts you want to clean or lube. The paste melts on the surface of the metal parts then you let them cool. The paste thickens back up once everything has cooled back down. Then you wipe the excess paste back off and the surface is nice and slick. It's like seasoning a cast iron frying pan the more you use it and lube it the better it gets. Another benefit in using the paste on Glocks is you won't have any excess lube what so ever. All 4 make cleaning your firearms much easier as well.
  7. s4alex

    Add another Froglube user here. Pretty happy with it.
  8. me too
  9. Sounds like I'm going to need to get me some Frog Lube!
  10. Slayer

    Slayer A Simple Man

    I remember reading somewhere that Seal 1 is a improved version of froglube. One of the original guys that had a hand in froglube improved on the formula but they didn't want to change the original formula. So he started his own company with the new formula and called it Seal 1. I can't remember where I read it though.
  11. Slip 2000 EWL. Tried it after looking at the data provided on their website. Have been very happy with it.
  12. currently using ballistol because it works as Cleaner,Lube,andProtecter. 3 in one.
    Some guys from another forum swear by Frog lube as cleaner and lube and then use SBGO on Slide and other areas where metal-to metal. Going to sample on 1 gun and see what I think
  13. Gun Butter oil. A little goes a long way, a great lubricant, it pretty well stays where it's put, and it's what I have sitting around. I also get over 400 trouble free rounds in my AACK with it.
  14. This is the topic and question from hell.

    If you are unlucky enough to enter the Nether Realm when you succumb, there will be a hapless soul coming to you every few hours to ask one of the following questions:

    What is the best gun lube?
    How does one get the best, and lightest, trigger on a Glock?
    What is tenifer finish, and why is the there holster wear on my Glock?
    What's the best oil to use on a Glock?
    Can/should I do something about/with the copper colored grease?
    I put on or did this thing to my GlocK--so why does it now perform weird?
    How long will my Glock last?
    How do i make my trigger feel like a 1911?
    Can Mickey Mouse beat Superman?
    Is Tom Cruise GAY?
  15. I understand these posts get old to some, but why respond? Just move on to another topic if you don't like it.
  16. I use a dry lube, WS2, on my Glocks and AKs.
  17. I use the oil at my department's gun range because it is free. When I'm home I use CLP because I have a lot left over from when I was in the military, it was also free.
  18. Is Tom Cruise gay?
  19. wdp


    One of the products I used to sell as an independant rep was Tri-Flow. It's a teflon based lubricant and works very well. I have a lifetime supply in aerosols, pump sprays and grease. I also think Break Free is a very good product.
  20. Break-free clp and slickolium extra light greese

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