what kind of defense ammo do you use in your Glock?

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by wickedarachnid, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. 1. G-32
    2. .357sig
    3. 125-grain HST; 125-grain Gold Dot; 125- and 147-grain Double Tap Gold Dot; Fiocchi 124-grain XTP.
    4. Lab test data; backyard wetpack tests (that confirm the lab stats); anecdotal testimony from experienced shooters who I am convinced are not mall ninjas.

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  2. Glock 30 has 10+1 (with 2 mags of ten besides) in 230 grain Winchester holopoints.
    Sig P226 has 10+1 (with 3 extra mags) in Federal holopoints. (At least I think it is federal.)

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  3. DRT


    Federal HST and Winchester Ranger Tseries are best of the best.

    Federal Tactical is good too.

    Since I live in a cold climate where heavy clothing is common for 6months out of the year, I'll pass on gold dot, xtp, golden saber, hydra shok, etc.
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  4. VG36A

    I agree with you and HST and Ranger T is what I carry but have you seen the vids. on youtube there the Winchester Ranger T had partial clogging and didn't fully expand? There was another video where the Gold Dot got clogged and still fully expanded. Speed GD are no slouch either.
  5. Ok, I have a question to add:

    Where do you buy your hollow point ammo?
  6. I have found the cheapest place is Walmart. I haven't had any trouble finding JHPs in the major factory brands. Comparison-shopped at Dick's Sporting Goods and at CheaperThanDirt.com and no one has been able to beat Walmart on price yet. Of course, I'm just speaking from my experience living in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina.
  7. Where are you (or anyone else) getting the HST ammo for 357SIG?
  8. crash_gsxr750

    crash_gsxr750 Arrows first

    45 acp
    G30, G21
    Fed HST 230 Grain
    lots of reading to see that lots of people have recommended them
  9. alba666

    alba666 WWJGD

    Carry - Gen3 Glock23
    Home - Gen4 Glock 22
    Caliber - 40
    Brand - Federal
    Series - HST (P40HST1)
    Reason - Internet research, bullet expansion pattern, could find online for decent price for box of 50.
  10. Jack23

    Jack23 I. B. Glockin'

    I buy my PD ammo, what ever I'm using, at Carter's Country. My store in Pasadena Texas carries a good selection of my favorites. Walmart doesn't carry the "GOOD STUFF" and when I'm buying PD ammo I'm not out for the cheapest stuff out there.

    It's a confidence thang y'all..........
  11. rick458

    rick458 USS Texas BB-35

    They have a pretty decent reloading section at the Pasadena store as well
    they save me a lot of hazmat fees:supergrin:
  12. I bought HST from ammunitiontogo.com when I saw it available.

    It's not often available and I was glad I jumped on it when I did because it was sold out in a couple of days.

    About another year passed before I noticed it available again, and once again it was sold out in a day or two. So when you see it available order it asap or you may find you'll have to wait some time before you see it again.
  13. G19: Winchester Ranger T-Series 127gr. 9mm +P+

    G22: HST 180gr.
  14. glock 19: 9mm Hornady critical defence XTP 115gr
  15. These days I'm carrying a G27 & my G21 is on nightstand duty. My other Glocks are pulling range duty or hiding out in the safe. I'm running Hornady TAP ammo in the 21 & the 27. To me, Hornady has been the most accurate ammo out of my guns. I know there are alot of HST, Gold Dot, Ranger T, etc fans out there & I have some of those on hand, too, but 230 grs of +P coming at ya if need be, helps me to sleep soundly.
  16. Use a G-22 for HD. Do not currently CC. Remington 180 gr. JHP bought in 100 rd. value pak. Choose because I can afford to shoot them enough to actually practice with them. Have given suitable results in testing compared to .45 ACP and .357 Magnum. Wife handles the G-22 very well with this load. I choose to use what she can best use.
  17. I thought of this thread a couple of times, on different days, when I was pulling a gun from the safe to carry.

    I chuckled when I realized that I didn't know which specific ammunition was presently in each of the guns. I use more than a couple of previous & currently issued service loads for my various pistols, as well as more than a couple of authorized, but personally-purchased, loads for my J-frames. All of the loads have been used to confirm function and similar POI in my various pistols & revolvers, so they meet my needs regardless of which I may be using at any particular time.

    It's just that I don't really feel the need to keep track of which specific brand/load of ammunition is loaded in what weapons, magazines, speedloaders & speedstrips all the time ... as long as it's proven ammunition. It's enough to know it's something that has worked, and does work, in my guns. I do like to test-fire ammunition from individual cases & production lots before putting it into service, though.

    I tend to pay more attention to my training & practice schedule. ;)

    Guess I'm not quite as fussy about ammunition as I used to be ... as long as it's good quality ammunition in the first place.
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  18. Epizza

    Epizza Cap Peeler

    Glock 29
    Doubletap 135gr. Nosler
  19. cole

    Millennium Member

    See above.
  20. Just got a couple boxes of these in yesterday...and just got back from the range....HOLY S##T! The fireball shooting out of my g29 was unbelievable. I would hate to be on the receiving end of one of those.

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