what kind of defense ammo do you use in your Glock?

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by wickedarachnid, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. wickedarachnid

    wickedarachnid one cool dude

    first off, what Glock do you use as your primary carry or home defense gun?
    what caliber?
    what brand of ammo?
    what series of the brand?
    what grain is the ammo you use?
    what made you to start using this ammo(example. reviews,articles,personal experimenting ect.)?

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  3. G17
    124gr. +p+ jhp
    Local PD offloaded a bunch of it due to some kind of warranty or pressure concerns in the S&W M&P pistols they went with recently. So, it was cheap ($20/box of 50) and I loaded up on it while the gettin' was good!

    It's pretty hot stuff, but totally controllable in the glock.
  4. I like Federal HST's.

    124 +P in 9mm and I don't recall the weight in .40 cal but I think it's 155gr.
  5. GLOCK 23: Winchester Ranger 180gr.
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  6. G23

    I chose this ammo because of good results in tests that fit my needs best at the time. I'm planning on switching from a G26 to a G27 soon so my needs have changed a little. I'm looking at the possibility of switching to bonded ammo for carry.
  7. Wastelander

    Wastelander NEVER BACK DOWN

    G21C: Speer Gold Dot 230 grain
    G33: Speer Gold Dot 125 grain and Hornady 147 grain XTP
  8. Glock 19
    Speergoldot 124gr+p or 147 gr

    Glock 38 45 gap
    speergold 200gr
  9. Doc8404

    Doc8404 Master Chief

    Remington Golden Saber Brass Jacketed Hollowpoint.
    because it has good ballistic results ....and some argue not to carry it because jacketed rounds are better...tells me they don't update their specs before posting here as they are BRASS JACKETED)
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  10. G19
    9mm CorBon 115 gr DPX
  11. crzn01

    crzn01 G23 Gen 4 (32)

    G23 Gen 4
    40 S&W
    Federal HST
    165 gr
  12. Glock 19 and 26
    Winchester Ranger 127 +P+ T series (also have some SXT versions)
    Was issued this as an LEO some years back (after being issued Winchester Silver Tips 115gr for years) and like the round as it has been around a while and has positive results. In the G26 it retains excellent velocity.

    Glock 38 and 39
    Winchester Ranger 230 grain Bonded
    Frankly its the only 230 grain SD ammo I can get consistently and I prefer my 45's to be 230 grain if possible.

    Wife's Glock 19 (and front door gun)
    Federal HST 147 grain
    She likes how it recoils and shoots it well.
  13. Carry, G19/PM9 with 124+P HST.
    Home, G21 with 230 HST+P.
    Vehicle, G21/G17/G34. Same ammo.
    Wife, G26/CW9. Same ammo.
    I use HST/Gold Dot/Ranger T for the quality and performance they provide.
  14. same here, except I have a gen 3 g19. I got a great deal on a case of them. I used to shoot corbon 125 gr +p, but they are way too expensive.
  15. At the moment:

    Glock 26
    Hornady Custom XTP 147gr
  16. G19, 9mm, Speer Gold Dot, 147 gr.
    Read very good reviews on this round from several on-line forums. Recommended by a local shooter that I highly respect.
  17. One of my 3G G23's

    Reseach. I did a lot of research and decided that this was the load that I would go with. The reality of the situation is this. We can follow the exploits of the jello junkies or the morgue monsters and with both supplying info, hope that we have chosen the best load in the caliber of our choice. But you are not really going to know which one is the best until the time comes when you are forced to use it. So we do our homework and pray that we have gone with the best load we can buy for our carry sidearm.
  18. Winter = Glock 36 w/ Hornady TAP XTPs 230gr+p
    Rest of year=Glock 36 w/HST 230gr+p OR PDX1 230gr
  19. 9mm and .380 hornady critical defense & speer gold dot

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