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What is your style and weapon?

Discussion in 'The Martial Arts Forum' started by ArmedDefense, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Obviously, there are a lot of accomplished martial artists around here. So, the question at hand is: What is your style and what is your weapon?

    As for me: Taekwondo and G19
  2. Skpotamus


    Oct 14, 2003
    Terre Haute, IN
    I've done a lot of styles, but I'm mostly TKD, Chung do kwan style. We're an old school dojo, that owrks hard, and is realistic in our training, so it's more like a combatives school than anything else. We still hold to some of the old traditions like kata, but focus is on realistic self defense and physical development. We have a lot of LEO's and prison guards who only want real stuff they can use at work. It's a lot of fun.

    Like I teach my students, I'm the weapon, everything else is just tools. ;)
    Favorite tools:
    Glock 30, Taurus 85 Titanium, Benchmade folder.

  3. GM-do.

    The weapon is a Springfield Armory (customized) M1911A1 or HK P7 in Greg Kramer (SA) or Mitchell Rosen (HK) leather.

    I carry some knives (Bud Nealy, Benchmade and Spyderco) as well.

    I generally try to avoid trouble; it's safer, cleaner and a helluva lot less hassle that way.

    If I am eXpecting trouble, I either stay home or I'll carry a rifle. :supergrin:
  4. Islander-11

    Islander-11 Meat detective

    Nov 29, 2001
    Nantucket, MA
    Style - Western boxing, Krav Maga, trying to learn some BJJ. Additional style points for situational awareness and command presence...

    Weapon - Duty weapon is .40 S&W. Off-duty, it's a Kahr MK 9 mm or a S&W 1911PD .45, with a Mossberg combat shotgun not to far away...
  5. habu3


    Aug 17, 2005
    Northern VA
    Style: Primary style is Goju but I also train in Hapkido and TKD. Did a bunch of Aikido when in the military. Lots of practical self defense tactics as well.

    Martial art weapons: Bo, Sai, Tonfa, knife, Chinese Broad sword, and some samurai sword. I've played with nunchaku but usually just beat myself with them. I also practice with some South Pacific traditional martial art weapons that resemble brass knuckles but are made of wood.

    Other weapons: G23, Walther P99, Kimber, Ruger, 308 Mag, 300 Win, bunch of 22s.
  6. sierra14


    Sep 10, 2006
    I earned a shodan in kempo karate in 1984. Other than that, my style is basically just whatever I feel like working on when I hit the bags or the focus pads. Lots of knees and elbows too. More adrenaline punching than anything...

    One thing I dropped in the 80s was kata. They are nice to watch, but I couldn't stand doing them anymore.:banana:
  7. Halojumper


    Mar 18, 2005
    Aurora, CO
    Main martial art is Jujustu and starting to work in some Systema. Main pistol is G23 and will supplement with PM40 when Dottie and her associates get it running right.
  8. gunman_23

    gunman_23 GOOGLE IT

    Feb 9, 2006
    Northern Virginia
    Style: LINES & Krav Maga

    Weapons: 1911/G19/G27
  9. Halojumper


    Mar 18, 2005
    Aurora, CO
    LINES? Are you a former Marine?
  10. gunman_23

    gunman_23 GOOGLE IT

    Feb 9, 2006
    Northern Virginia
    No. When I went through S.E.R.E. school they taught us LINES training and I would keep practicing it.
  11. 9MX

    9MX Rei!

    Sep 29, 2003
    Aikido and Boxing

    Glock 17
    Kershaw Steven Seagal folder
    Surefire E2E

    and last but not the least....FILA running shoes:banana:
  12. thetoastmaster

    thetoastmaster NOT a sheepdog!

    I studied Wing Chun fairly seriously, and want to get back into it. I've also done some Kali and Jiu Jitsu. Mostly now I'm into that great American martial art, riflery. Here's me with my prefered weapon:

  13. BlackBelt


    Aug 23, 2000
    Martial Arts: BJJ, Shotokan, JKD.
    Weapons on my person: Usually Benchmade CQC7 or Strider SNG for blades, ParaOrdnance ParaCarry .45 or KelTec .380 for warm weather, and Glock 21 for cold weather.
  14. amd4me

    amd4me Coffee Snob

    Jun 23, 2006
    Santa FE NM
    I am a master wang chung artist.
  15. katana8869

    katana8869 NativeFloridian

    Oct 17, 2005
    Occupied Territory
    I have trained in Korean Moo Duk Kwan / Tang Soo Do primarily. I have also dabbled in Shotokan and Boxing.

    As far as martial arts weapons are concerned, I prefer Bo, Boken and knives. I also enjoy practicing sword techniqes for training and excercise.

    My current carry firearms are a G19 and a G26.
  16. geekboy

    geekboy Glock Lover

    Mar 24, 2006
    Tampa Bay, Florida
    My Art: Shotokan Karate-Do and TKD Oh Do Kwan.

    My Weapon: G19 and Custom AR-15.

    The reason I carry a concealed weapon these days when strolling around town... because there's just no more honor! Remember the days when men settled things like men? :)
  17. Alaskapopo

    Alaskapopo NRA ENDOWMENT

    Feb 6, 2000
    I am not currently studing unarmed martial arts. I did study Judo for 3 years and Shudo Kan Karate for 4 years and Akido for 6 months.

    I also recently started a gun based martial art called Ho Jitsu started by Jeff Hall.
    I carry Wilson Combat CQB.
  18. bluemeanie

    bluemeanie Lospeedhidrag

    All-American Goju Karate. G-27 with Ashley express sights. Wave-modded Benchmade Griptillian,
  19. Gunlawyer


    Jul 2, 2001
    Northern VA
    Interesting topic.

    Currently, I am studying Nakamura Ryu Batto-do. You know, a Japanese Sword Art. Right now I am using a Bugei Crane for a cutter in class. I just started and love it!

    Made it as far as A class in Production class in that All American "martial art", USPSA

    As far as weapon? Make mine full auto, but it is hard to conceal the UZI. Seriously though, a Glock 23 for daily carry and a spyderco endura or delica, depending.


    Stay safe,

  20. jsbcody


    Jul 6, 2005
    St. Louis MO
    My "core arts": Kenpo, Hapkido, Tae Kwon Do with some Kali mixed in. I just started training in Krav Maga and have found that my Kenpo and Hapkido training translates well into Krav.

    Carry weapons: G19, Nighthawk Talon 2, and/or S&W 360PD (back up), and always have my Emerson Karambit on me.