What is your 22 "fun gun"?

Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by ZombieJoe, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. S&W M&P 15-22. No pistol yet.

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  2. a ruger sp101-22.Lots of fun and cheap to shoot.

  3. For me it is a Henry H001 33lr levergun. Shoots great and a lot of fun. More accurate then the shooter.
  4. ChuteTheMall

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    My latest .22 fun gun is my S&W 43c, it's a centennial airlite weighing only 10.6 oz, and I use it as a trainer to help master my S&W 642 J-frame. But I haven't found any 8 round speedloaders yet.
  5. DJ Niner


    Here you go:


    I've used one of their eight-shot models for my old S&W 317 (now gone, sadly), and I still use one of their 10-shot models for my S&W 617. Not too long ago I bought a 90-shot loading block for the 10-shot loader; with a full loader and full block, I have 100 rounds on-tap.
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  6. picking up a Ruger 10/22 Takedown this week..........nice package complete with multi-compartment carrying case
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  7. My fun .22LR handgun is a Ruger 22/45 with an OD Tactical Solutions receiver and Volquartsen trigger kit installed. My fun .22LR rifle is a M&P15-22 wich is set up very similar to my AR-15.
  8. AA Glock 19 conversion is my most shot .22 handgun, 35 year old 10/22 gets most of my .22 rifle attention...until I free the M&P 15-22 from layaway, that is!

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  9. Chuck TX


    Tac-Sol AR-22 uppers


  10. CanMan

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    I picked up a 43c yesterday for exactly the same reason. Seemed like a great training aid & I'll never say 'no' to a new gun if I can help it. One of the guys at the shop said I could use a speedloader for a 617... IIRC those are either a 6 or 10 shot cylinder? :impatient:
  11. I just got me a dirt cheap Mossberg 702 .22 rifle.
    Loads of fun and my only .22 rifle.
  12. DJ Niner


    How well are those running for you? Any problems? How "picky" are they about ammo type/brand/quality?

    Any info you can provide is appreciated. PM me if you'd rather not respond here.

    Sorry about the minor thread de-rail. Back to our .22 Fun Guns... :supergrin:
  13. Browning Buckmark
  14. This looks incredible Clutch Cargo.
    If it is not to much to ask could you give a little more background and maybe more pics of this great looking setup. :whistling:
  15. TunaFisherman

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  16. GlockPride

    GlockPride Glock 23

    Moe edition of the M&P 15-22, followed by the M&P 22 pistol.
  17. 10/22 +1 & SIG Mosquito
  18. Picked up a 22LR H&K MP5 SD (Umarex) today, was nearly late for work after losing track of time at the range.
    Only complaint I have is the ergonomics, the stock fully extended feels a few inches shy of comfortable, and getting a good sight picture requires mashing my face firmly down into the stock rails.
    Given the tacti-toy nature of the rifle, I think I'll go ahead and throw a red dot on it and start looking for goodies to add.

    Pics when I get home (and get it cleaned up).
  19. I'm enjoying my Winchester model 75 Target rifle right now. It's a salvaged rifle, and I had to buy plenty of new parts to get it up and running, but now I'm holding 9- and 10- ring at 70 yards with peep sights. And, for 66-yr-old once rebuilt eye, I think that's just fine. I can shoot 1" at 100 yards with 10X scope, but I find the peep sight more challenging and fun.

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