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What is your 22 "fun gun"?

Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by ZombieJoe, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. 1glockfan23


    Mar 11, 2010
    My Ruger 10/22, with a druganov stock, some 30 round mags, and a couple 550 round boxes of ammo from Walmart. Good, cheap fun.
  2. iamtehstig


    Aug 24, 2012
    Panama City, FL
    How reliable is that? I have heard mixed reviews but I am still willing to give it a shot.

  3. SGT278ACR

    SGT278ACR Retired Veteran

    Nov 12, 2011
    16S DE 680 928
    Decided to keep this and go with a Ruger SR22 also instead of the Walther P22.
  4. DJ Niner

    DJ Niner Moderator

    Feb 13, 2001
    North-Central USA
    My current favorite .22 fun gun:

  5. I have two handguns chambered for .22LR and both shoot bricks of ammo in a sitting. Simply cannot be beat for fun!

    Buckmark and Single Six.
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  6. SGT278ACR

    SGT278ACR Retired Veteran

    Nov 12, 2011
    16S DE 680 928
    Called all around Middle Tennessee looking for a shop that had the Ruger SR22's in stock. Seems like the only place that had it was about 2 hours drive from me. Well... needless to say, I made the trip and bought it today. $359 NIB. What sucks is I can't get to the range for about a week and a half. :crying:
  7. zim804


    Aug 28, 2012
    Here's mine. Picked it up a few weeks back.
  8. LA_357SIG

    LA_357SIG Milspectacular

    Aug 28, 2006
    Not Los Angeles.
    As much as I dislike 10/22's, I have to admit that I like mine the most out of all the .22lr rifles I owned. It might be because of the money and work I put into it, or that I generally prefer traditional stock rifles over pistol grip ones.

  9. Marlin 60

    the Luger was fun too:
  10. I have several .22 Fun Guns.

    First and foremost is my Ruger MKII Stainless 5 1/2" Bull Barrel. This Ruger was bought new by my late brother and after his passing I purchased it from my Sister in Law. Since it was a special gun to me I decided to make it more special. I had it drilled & tapped in the same hole pattern as the Ruger MKIII's. I also added the following:

    Volquartsen Custom Target Sear
    Volquartsen Custom Extended Bolt Release
    Clark Custom Guns Steel Ruger Trigger
    Clark Custom Guns Ruger Grips
    On Targer Guns Blast Shield
    Weigand Scope Base
    Bushnell Trophy Red / Green Multi Reticle Electronic Sight


    Next up would be a Ruger 10/22 that I bought from a buddy of mine. When I bought it it had been sitting in a barn for a couple years. Yes it took quite a bit of scubbing and cleaning. The first modification was to have the Factory Carbine Barrel Shortened to 17" (cutting off the front sight in the process). I then had the diameter of the barrel immediately in front of the V Block Dovetail in the Barrel turned down so I could slip a Green Mountain Non Vented Barrel Shroud over the Barrel. I did a trigger job on this Ruger myself and had the headspace set on the bolt, the firing pin pinned and chamfered / radiused the rear bottom face of the bolt. I then set it in a ProMag Archangel 556 Stock which I also modified by adapting a DPMS Carbon Fiber Free Float Tube to the Archangel and I replaced the Archangel Buttstock with a MagPul CTR 6 Position Collapsable Buttstock.


    Yet another one is my Custom Ruger Charger. This one has been a work in progress for quite some time now. I actually bought a Ruger Charger and promptly sold the factory Barrel and Stock. I then sent the Receiver, Scope Base and an ALuminum Trigger Housing off to be done in Norrells "Stainless" Moly Resin. I then fitted the receiver with a KIDD 10" Matte Stainless Bull Barrel. I had the headspace set on the bolt, the firing pin pinned and chamfered / radiused the rear bottom face of the bolt. foe the Trigger I sent the Factory Trigger to TT Shooter for one of his Precision Trigger Jobs. I outfitted this with a Burris 3x12x LER Handgun Scope with Fine Plex Reticle and Target Turrets. The stock is a 10/22 Carbine Stock that with the help of my local gunsmith we transformed it into a Charger Handgun Stock with lots of work and modifying the stock so we could attach a T/C Contender Pistol Grip to it.


    If I want to get serious about printing nice tiny groups with a Handgun the above Custom Ruger Charger gets the nod.

    Lastly I would have to say that after my first range session with it my new Advantage Arms Glock 17/22LE .22 LR Conversion Kit for my Glock Model 22 is going to rank right up there with other favorites.

    There are others also but the above are the ones that get the most use.

  11. MoCop


    Jan 2, 2005
    Lately, I've been enjoying my CZ 452 and my Marlin Model 60. The CZ's trigger smoooothed out real nice and the Marlin 60 really surprised me for how much I paid for it.:supergrin:
  12. Depends on handgun or rifle. I have an old Remington Speedmaster (I think) for my rifle that is amazingly accurate and for handgun I have an old Ruger Mark 1. With a bull barrel. I love them both. My Ruger is in amazing shape. Happen to be a gun show find for cheap and took it home and it's the best .22 handgun I've ever shot.

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  13. kttemplar

    kttemplar VeritasAequitas

    Sep 9, 2012
    Orlando, FL
    Ruger SR22...Great gun and will eat anything standard velocity or faster that you put in it...really fun to shoot as well...

  14. jpwalnuthill


    Mar 14, 2012
    Walnut Hill Fl
    My mark II and Henry Lever Action

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  15. Angel


    Jan 4, 2000
    A Mossburg M44 US. At 25 yards I can put five rounds into one ragged hole using the peep sites and my 47 year old eyes on Wolf matched target ammo. That, my friend, never gets old.
  16. Charles Wagoner

    May 15, 2012
    Norman, OK
    Just a plain old Ruger 10/22 Carbine with hardwood stock. Nothing special, but it's an awesome gun as-is. I think I want to keep this gun in its current condition with no mods because it's my first .22 and I feel a bit nostalgic about it. I'll probably give it to my son when he's of age and then pick up another one and maybe customize it. I use it just for having fun and I like the idea of pushing it as far as I can without the aid of extra mods. I feel the same way about my Glocks.

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  17. SGT278ACR

    SGT278ACR Retired Veteran

    Nov 12, 2011
    16S DE 680 928
    I just had my new SR22 to the range friday. I have to agree for the most part. Put 350 rounds through. Ate everything but Federal Lightnings. The Fed lightnings had a few failures to feed & eject. So far it seems to like CCI Mini-Mags the best.

  18. slims00ls1z28


    Jan 23, 2010
    It's a tie between my 10/22 and MKII. Countless bricks of .22's have been launched at unsuspecting cans etc.
  19. Shooterer


    Aug 27, 2007
    SE, WI.

    10/22 scout with a Ching sling.
  20. Clutch Cargo

    Clutch Cargo Amsterdam Haze

    Nov 29, 2010
    A couple of Ruger 10-22 rifles: