What is up with...my generation?

Discussion in 'Gun-Control Issues' started by SevenSlugs, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Well, Seven, it seems to me that you'll have a better chance of keeping the things you like than Bruce will. There are far too many people who want to take them away.

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  2. I completely realize this glad to hear from someone else...just wish there were more ways I could let others my age know this.....even many educated people my age do not realize that "gun control" is just rights being taken away..

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  3. You are certainly welcome to your own opinion. The answer I gave reflects my own experience. If you want to believe that the government has brainwashed your generation, go right ahead. But do be aware such an irrational way of dealing with life issues will not be of long term use.
  4. You seem to not realize that one can be passionate about firearms and education simultaneously....

    And yes....it's called bainwashing.............there's no other word for it..........

    You know what Hitler said? "To conquer a nation you must first disarm it".....

    That quote does not ring bells in the majority of my age groups heads.....because of the government and media......due to brainwashing......

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  5. RussP


    SevenSlugs, what are you personally doing to reverse this brainwashing, to deprogram your peers?

    I notice you are not a member of ncgunowners.com. You might find like minded college aged folks there.

    How about Grass Roots North Carolina, are you familiar with them and their efforts?
  6. Id like to be familiar with any sort of group possible...thanks for informing me of these!

    Well first off, I open carry...which starts plenty coversations in which I'm able to educate many of my peers about the 2nd ammendment and such....

    I also try to bring as many interested peers as possible to a local gun range which I attend and I teach them basic firearms skills.....

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  7. rednoved

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    I'll be 24 in less than a month.
  8. Welcome to the (small) club bro!

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  9. I am 21 as well, and I don't usually talk about carrying firearms with people in most of my classes unless it is a criminal justice course. I have noticed the same thing you are noticing, I saw a picture of a billboard saying something like " I carry a gun because I can't carry a police officer". I have met some people(including the cute girl that cuts my hair at supercuts, though she is a little bit older) that like to shoot. That said the people I speak to that don't, aren't necessarily anti gun or brain washed, they are just afraid of them because the have 0 experience with them. I would say few of the people that I come into contact with that the conversation topic is firearms are anti gun.
  10. RussP


    You're welcome...get to know some of the locals who carry.
    When do you meet most of these peers?

    NC law prohibits carry on college campuses, establishments or get togethers where admission is charged, places where alcohol is sold, and where no-guns signs are posted, oh, plus, we know your employer prohibits carrying.
    In the last 11 months, how many people would that be, and, have any of them continued shooting after you introduced them to the sport?
  11. Quite a few people......rarely any of them find interest in firearms afterwords........seems to me as if they view it as a one time special experience......

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  12. RussP


    Do you think, possibly, that there may be something wrong with your technique, your presentation?

    Please, get with others with a heck of a lot more experience. Learn from them first before trying to teach others...it worked for me many long years ago.
  13. Not my presentation at all....I can see that it's a clear lack of interest in many of my peers..........that is the problem...which I guess is why not many young people are actively promoting gun rights....which is why I made a thread about it.....

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  14. I feel you my friend. I am 20, and I have little faith in our generation when it comes to a host of things. Very little seem to take pride in anything anymore (of course you find exceptions). I find less and less that there are people our age who have a sense of right and wrong, a sense of dignity, and a hard working mindset.

    As for the gun issue, I find that it is VERY hard to find a person with an interest in guns. I am a college student, and I am surrounded by liberal gun grabbing lunatics who spew the same ignorance of "dial 911" and "guns kill people".... Frustrates me to no end.

    But there is light, I do come across those who support you, me, and others in common sense gun knowledge and appreciation.
  15. Yea...don't know how our generation will turn out as far as leading the country in the right direction but it doesn't look good as far as gun rights go...that's for sure...

    I hope "the light" doesn't come to late....

    Good to hear from you.

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  16. Oh, and I'm not sure where you go to school, but I know there are quite a few colleges with registered on campus clubs that include Students for Concealed Carry on Campus. Check them out if you haven't already. I recently joined the group here at my school.

    Defiantly worth the time.

    Here's their national link: http://concealedcampus.org/
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  18. Awsome, thanks for letting me know!

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  19. 23 here

    I mainly attribute it to the era in which we grew up. Where I live, hunting is probably the most important/profitable pastime. Even still, I find the number of handguns owned by hunters shockingly low. I believe this is because of the way we were exposed to guns.

    The Brady Bill was signed when we were kids and the 90's introduced school shootings. Instead of promoting gun safety and helping kids learn how to respect guns instead of fear them, guns were demonized like drugs and alcohol. I can still see the posters hanging in my grade school now...

    I believe this caused a curiosity, a stigma if you will, with guns that was not there before. Before us, men grew up being gradually introduced to guns as well as either knowing someone who was drafted or being drafted themselves. The 90's were a decade of gun fear. Think of Power Rangers. They were awesome. Now that we are older, it is clear that they feed the violent side of cool for kids. It is even easy to see why someone our age may look back and say "that just teaches violents to kids even though I thought it was cool when I was one."

    This is our generations exposure to guns. What was exposed to us was a dark, visceral, cool, forbidden thing that was phased out as soon as most kids got older because guns were just another one of those things you thought were cool when you were younger. If you don't have much more exposure to them, they become that thing that was cool before the first gameboy...or ipod touch now.

    It isn't our fault. It is society's. That is what is up with our generation.
  20. Jerry

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    ^^^ That's the most logical explanation I've heard. :thumbsup: :perfect10:
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