What is the "worst" gun you ever owned/shot?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by TSAX, Dec 26, 2012.

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  2. Tie between a 1936 mosin I bought thinking it'd be a fun plinker(got one in rather rough shape) and a keltec pf9. A Springfield 1911 GI I owned for two weeks is a close second tho. I ended up making money off of the Springfield and broke even off of the keltec. I ended up paying someone to take the damn mosin pretty much. Couldn't wait to free up the room in the safe.

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  3. Worst ever---Kimber Ultra Carry II. Went back and forth with "CS" at Kimber for over a year before selling to a gunsmith who said he could fix it. I don't think it ever fired a full magazine without at least one malfunction. Combine that with atrocious CS and I'll never buy another and I tell everyone I know to stay away from them...:steamed:
  4. A DA Beretta in .40 that was issued to my department just after I retired. I've never liked Berettas anyway, and after getting a chance to shoot the new issue, that just reenforced my dislike. The trigger was an abomination and any kind of accurate shooting with it was an impossibility. I found it a marvel that anyone could hope to qualify with one. (Dept now issues Glocks in .45 GAP)
  5. I’ve got more than 1,000 rounds through mine, but I will keep an eye out for these problems.

    Thanks for the heads up. :wavey:
  6. CigarandScotch

    CigarandScotch Fartacus

    Walther PK380- jammomatic POS. First gun I ever had that I had to work on right out of the box to get it running right. Once I was satisfied that it would operate reliably, I sold it at a pretty deep discount. Too bad, because it felt great in the hand, and was super accurate.
  7. Pm me if you're serious.
  8. A sporterized Mosin Nagant. Dreadful!
  9. Bruce M


    What 1911s did you try out of curiosity?
  10. The Mosin is a good rifle if you get one with a good bore. A friend and I can burst 20oz Mellow Yellow bottles at 150 yards with no problem with ours. I have a M39 that will shoot groups less than 2 inches at 150 yards.
    My Taurus PT1911 has never jammed and is as accurate as any of my other guns.
    I have Universal M1 that's good to go. It's an early one below #70,000 and made with GI parts.
    My ruger Mini 30 is as accurate as my Savage 270 Win up to 150 yards with remington ammo.
    My Rossi 38 (made by Taurus) was my carry gun for years and never gave me a problem.
    My Kel Tec P3AT has never failed.
    My Kel Tec PF9 did have a couple light strikes after about 300 rounds but a good cleaning( including the firing pin channel)) took care of that.
    I also have a Kel Tec P40 that's good to go.
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  11. Anything mechanical can fail at any time. That is a disappointing article, but other manufacturers have had similar snafus. My pf-9 works great. It ejects the brass strong which I hope is a sign it's not thinking about jamming. That being said, i don't wear it out at the range, but I'll trust it 'till it proves me wrong.
  12. The worst I owned was a Taurus Slim, I don't remember the exact denomination and I don't care. As unpleasant as it was unreliable. Had to save some more for a PPS, it was such a change.

    The worst I ever shot? Taurus revolvers, a High Point, the usual. Bad, bad bad.
  13. The WWII Italian M-38 Carcano.

    Seriously....shoot one and you will all of a sudden think the JFK conspiracy folks are some very sane people!

    Honestly...no way Oswald made those shots with one of these crappy rifles.

    What were the Italians thinking? So close to Oberndorf and their allies were using Mausers. Why this POS?

  14. Horse puckey.

    I have one that I hit melon sized targets with at the same distance as Oswald and I was using iron sights from a bench. I did that when I was a teen at my Father's insistence while I was going through a "conspiracy" phase that I quickly outgrew.

    Dad insisted I know what I was talking about when I opened my yap, and we had a Carcano that was a family "bring back" heirloom.
  15. I had issues with it since day one. And the second trip back they supplied 2 new mags. So it wasn't the mags.

    I have to disagree with limp wrist as well. Other people shot it and had the same issues. I use a strong 2 hand hold in isosceles stance and have never suffered a gun malfunction due to limp wrist.

    The gun simply was a $1200+ paperweight. It happens. It sucked, but it happens...

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  16. Grendel P10, the precursor to keltec.

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  17. RWBlue

    RWBlue Mr. CISSP, CISA

    There is of course the third option which I have never seen......

  18. doktarZues

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    Rossi (which I believe is owned by Taurus) .357 revolver. The cylinder was crooked enough to get hung up every now and again .. could easily see it wobble when you open the cylinder and give it a good spin, unfortunately I didn't do that when I bought it in fear of looking like a dork. That won't happen again...

    Also have a S&W 15/22 that's a jammomatic .. consider myself lucky to get through a mag without a failure, 2 failures is probably the average. Happens with all magazines.

    Those are the only guns I've ever had problems with. I would like to sort out the 15/22 one day, because it's actually a really cool little plinker when it has a good day.
  19. Mach3

    Taurus 9mm, only gun I have ever gotten rid of that I am glad it is gone.

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