what is the best .40 s&w SD load for the g22

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by rome2240sw, Jun 6, 2010.

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    I understand all the sarcasim but i was only looking for helpful info on personal defense ammo. But i have already found the info i needed as well as I believe i will continue to carry the 180gr HST or downgrade to the 165gr HST. MY faith is still with federal. My only complaint was it doesnt expand well once the cavity is plugged with solid/hard material.

    But once again thanks to Don Glock and all who have helped me with my ammo issues. Learned so much from alot of you guys. Ask the local PD anything and its Speer Gold dot 165gr

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  2. What is the difference between 94% dead and 100% dead ??
    or .72 Expansion vs .65 expansion ?

    Dead is Dead.

  3. I didn't use, nor is the word " dead " the issue here. "Effective" was used, because that was the % a couple reports gave as to their one shot stop to center mass that stopped a threat success reports. Their findings, not mine. Whether you trust or believe them makes no difference and is another matter, but has nothing to do with the meaning of the statement.

    I brought up no expansion numbers, you did. But to answer your question, .07
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  4. shotgunred

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    If one were to look at real world shooting according to Evan Marshall you should use one of the top three bullets listed. The first number is number of shootings. The second is number of one shot stops. % is the percentage of shot that are one stop shots.

    I have always favored the 180's myself but now I am rethinking my logic. Also this type of information highly favors older rounds that have had to be used enough to generate enough information.

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    Yeah those 165gr GD's would get stuck in any K-Mart brand flannel:upeyes:
  6. DRT


    Correction, they won't get stuck, just not open up as well as some others. If that doesn't matter to you then load up with em.
  7. The list isn't garbage though.
  8. Preußen

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    I've said it before and i'll say it again, Evan Marshall & Evan Sanow's "stopping power" books are complete BS...

    Choose a cartridge that features 100% positive feeding, excellent accuracy, and good terminal ballistics, and stop worrying about MUZZLE ENERGY, MUZZLE VELOCITY and stopping power

    See my sig below for the definition of stopping power ↓
  9. lol

    Shot until the threat has stopped.


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