What is a substitute for Unique

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by Glockaholic2, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. I can't find ANY Unique anywhere. Is there a powder that has similar characteristics that might be easier to get?

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    For me, Green Dot. The reason is that I have 12lbs of it only 3 of Unique. You can use Green Dot for pretty much the same thing, but Unique outshines it when you get into more stout loads.

  3. WSF is a tiny bit slower, but I can use the same data I use for Unique, just be 20-30fps slower. It also meters better. Universal is sim, but I never got good lead bullet accuracy with it. Old school Herco is another, again a bit slower, but you could use Unique data for it & work it up. Green Dot is quite a bit faster than Unique, a little faster than W231. If you find some old stock of WSL, pretty much right at Unique, maybe just a tiny bit faster.
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  4. Universal Clays and WSF are the two closest that I have used. Unique truly is unique,if I only could have one powder I could get along fine with Unique. SJ 40
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    Not to be rude, but can you find the Search function? This has got to be one of the most discussed topics...

    Universal Clays, WSF.
  6. But I Love taking about Unique.

    Quick, Someone post a picture of Tom Cruise in his 1980 Risky Business Glasses saying

    "Unique, There its no substitute"

    I am posting from a cell.
  7. "Not to be rude"? that train already left the station.
  8. Love Herco. I use it for 12ga slugs, buckshot, and a half dozen pistol calibers.

  9. If everybody used the search function, what would we have to talk about? This would be a dead forum.
  10. Posting a question is far easier than sorting thru a bunch of searches.:dunno: if it bothers you, don't respond. If you want to be helpful, please do.:yawn:
  11. I use Hodgdon Universal more often than Unique, right in the same ballpark. Keep an eye out at the local trap range that caters to shotgun sports.
  12. I have used both unique & wsf. I get much better accuracy out of wsf. the more I use wsf the more I like it. wsf seems to have a quick pressure spike when using close to max loads. for that reason, I always load it slightly under max loading.
  13. :agree::agree:Nothing wrong with reasking questions to get new opinions.
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  14. Thanks everyone for all of the suggestions. Even Mr. Rude!!! LOL Now I WILL have to do some searching to see what is available out there. I've been searching hard for Unique for over a month and there has been nothing available. Thanks again.
  15. What about sr4756? It's about the only powder available at the local shop right now.
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    I've been hand loading for over fifty years, and I've been a member of this board for over thirteen years, and I've used a lot of Unique in my time.

    I don't recall ever thinking about this question, reading about this question, or hearing these suggestions before now.

    I'm grateful for the question and the great answers people have given. So, while you may have found the thread tedious, I've found it to be valuable.

    In my world, you're wrong.
  17. Keep asking. There will always be someone here willing to help. Not from me though. I'm an idiot compared to the rest of these guys. It's how I am learning more.
  18. IT will work fine, but rumor has it will be discontinued this year, so working up loads may be pointless unless you have like 8#.

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