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What have you hunted with your Glock?

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by Glock You!, May 7, 2002.

  1. Glock You!

    Glock You!

    Mar 17, 2002
    Anybody out there who has actually hunted with your Glock, what have you actually shot and what caliber did you use? Any pictures of your game are more than welcome with your post.
  2. 10mmGuy


    May 8, 2001
    Overview of my 10mm hunting experience:

    1. 6pt. Whitetail Buck, about 150lbs. I got lucky on my first deer taken with a 10mm and shot him through the heart @ 30yds. He dropped in his tracks. I was using my Glock 29 with Federal Hydo-Shocks. The bullet passed through the heart and was found just under the skin on the other side.

    2. 6pt. Whitetail Buck, about 150lbs. Another heart shot, this one @ 15yds with my Glock 29. Wanting more penetration I went with 180gr. ElDorado Starfires. I got a 10mm entrance wound and a 10mm exit wound, but left a fantastic blood trail (I could see it pumping out as he ran away). The deer ran about 20yds and piled up.

    3. 200lb Black Bear. Once again with my 29, this time I used 200gr. Black Talon penetrators. It was a high lung shot @ about 15yds. He ran about 200yds through the thickest and wildest **** Minnesota has to offer. No blood trail for about the first 100yds. When we found him dead, he had a 10mm entrance wound and a 10mm exit wound. I had shot a little to far forward and just barely hit both lungs. I think the lack of blood was due to the fat bears have and also the time it took to fill his lungs with blood. It was still a good clean one shot kill.

    4. 200lb Wild Boar. Again with my 29. Noting the lack of expansion in the bear, I decided to try the 180gr. Starfires again. First shot was in the lungs @ 10yds. He was hit hard but still running full boar, so I put another one in his lungs @ 40yds. That anchored ‘em. Both bullets were solid lung hits and were recovered on the opposite “armor” plate. They both looked like you could reload them. ZERO expansion.

    5. 150lb Whitetail Buck. This time using my new hunting set-up, a Glock 20 with an Optima2000 red dot from Tasco. While hunting our land this year I heard a shot close by. When I went to inspect and see who was hunting there I saw it was the neighbor in a nearby field. He had a deer down. I went over to talk to him and as I approached he flipped the deer over. The deer suddenly got up and came right for me @ about 15yds. I waited till he was clear of the neighbor and fired and hit 4 times. The last shot flipped him ass over teakettle. I was using 135gr. Cor-Bon. I didn’t get to do a post mortem on the deer (it was the neighbors after all), but from what I saw he was in the hurt bag.

    6. 140lb Whitetail Doe. I used my 20 to take this she-deer. I made a bad shot when she came by on the drive and hit her in the hind quarter @ about 20yds. She stopped again @ 60yds and then I took her through the neck and dropped her. Once again I used the 135gr. Cor-Bon. The shot in the hind quarters turned it to mush and left a good blood trail (must have hit the femoral artery). The neck shot passed through and left one hell of an exit.

    7. Feral Hog (Piney Woods Rooter?) 160lbs. This was taken in FL. With my 20 and a new 6" factory hunting barrel. After a long chase with the dogs and some heart pumping action I went a little over board. The dogs were fighting with the boar for a long time and wouldn’t give me a shot. The guide ended up having to get into the foray and grab the boar. In all the excitement I ended up drilling him 4 times right behind the ear at point blank range. I’m sure one shot would have been enough, but what the hell! I only found one bullet and that was in a bulge of skin on the far side of the neck. The rest passed through. I was using the 155gr Gold-Dot from Georgia Arms.

    8. Blackbuck 80lbs. This little antelope native to India was taken in TX with my 20. I hit him at 20yds right behind the shoulder as he was slightly quartering away with 155gr Gold -Dot from Georgia Arms. He ran 50yds. The bullet passed through and turned both lungs into mash along with breaking the far side shoulder. The blood trail wasn’t that great perhaps because of the shoulder hit, who knows!

    9. 140lb Fallow Doe in TX. My best shot yet! Through the spine @ 83yds. Dropped right in her tracks. This was with my 20 and the same 155gr Gold-Dot from Georgia Arms. I recovered the bullet in a bulge of skin on the far side of the spine.

    Me and my friend have tested nearly every 10mm bullet/load we can get our hands on using our very scientific “backyard ballistics” tests (wet newspaper, water jugs, etc..). Between these tests and the experience I have had with animals, I have pretty much settled on the 155gr Gold-Dot from Georgia Arms. If you want more penetration, Cor-Bon has some pretty good looking rounds. If you “roll your own” you can cook up some pretty hard hitting stuff that puts anything that I have tried to shame. For now I have stuck mainly to the “factory loaded” stuff. Good Luck!

    If someone teaches me how to post pics, I'd love too!

  3. G17-jimmy


    Nov 22, 2001
    Wasn't hunting at the time, but I killed a black bear that seemed to sneak up on me while walking in the woods a couple years ago using my G-17 with hydra-shocks.

    I shot 5 times, one to the right eye, one just below the jaw, and one in the right shoulder. He didn't move much after the first shot but I wanted to make sure.


    MCNETT Load Developer Lifetime Member

    With my G20 w/6"KKM I have taken four mule deer and one 290lb black bear. I have used 180XTP, 200XTP and 200WFN handloads. All shot were 25-70yds. Very effective caliber/gun, if you can put the bullet on target!
  5. Michigun

    Michigun Miss Michigan?

    Mar 1, 2001
    Michigan, USA
    Raccoons, opossums, wild cats, & squirrels.
  6. glockfoo2u

    glockfoo2u foo Glockfoo

    Mar 11, 2002
    I carry my g17 witha ciener:)( ) conversion on itwhen I go hiking and hunting II've got a few grouse this way .It is a lot lighter than the ruger it has replaced
  7. Guest

    I have shot with my G17 and G22

    Green Moray eel
    Spotted eel
  8. tjpet


    May 14, 2001
    Utah-Idaho border
    No big game.

    9mm - Lots of small stuff. Jackrabbits, rockchucks, ground squirrels, etc.

    .357Sig - Some small stuff. 12 coyotes at last count. Closest 10 yards, farthest approx. 40.
  9. duncan

    duncan Millennium Member Lifetime Member

    Feb 15, 1999
    A couple dozen rabbits in the past three hunting seasons with my Glock 19 frame with a .22lr AACK on top. Great for out to 20 yard shots!

    G20 with 6" KKM on board for deer season.
  10. johnboy

    johnboy Millennium Member

    Sep 15, 1999
    Killed a wounded six point buck with my G21. Shot it with 45cal 185 grain Speer Gold-dots. Dropped the deer like a rock. The bullets almost passed completly through they made it to just under the skin on the opposite side, I could see them protruding from under the skin. Great expansion.