What have you bought in the last 4 months?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by maverick-tx, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Looking back...I picked up another Glock, an M&P 15-22, a Tikka T3 Lite, and a Colt 6920...and a bunch of ammo, 2 Nikon scopes, some extra mags, etc. This panic has been pretty fun for me...gun wise anyway ;) Got a deal on everything but the G22

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  3. Oh this is going to take some band width when Bac joins in.

    come to think of it between my wife and I we have continued our usual rate unfettered or influenced by politics so, it's a fair amount.

  4. FLIPPER 348

    FLIPPER 348 Happy Member

    In the last 4 months just W296 & Hornady 35780 bullets from BiMart and 230g ball bullets from HSM
  5. Another .357 Auto Mag.
  6. FN SCAR16 , S&W .357 Pro Series, HK45c
  7. 12131

    12131 Monkeyboy

    5 SIGs, 2 CZs, 1 HK, all pistols.
    And a BCM lower.
    I think I'm done for the year.

  8. DanMN

    2 sigs, 3 SW, 1 Ruger, 1 Glock
  9. skeeter7

    skeeter7 Brass Vulture

    The only gun I have purchased in the last 4 months was a Kahr CM40. I just bought an Aimpoint PRO for my AR, and have been buying rifle ammo here and there only when I can get it at normal price from the LGS. Only thing on my radar right now is a Savage Mark II TR and a scope to go with it.
  10. uzimon

    uzimon team ftp


    Will have a gen4 17 soon too
  11. Very cool Tony :cool:
  12. Here's my new stuff from this year so far, minus a couple I very recent additions this week that I haven't revealed yet. ;)

    Its a lot more than I said I would buy. :faint:

    Walther P1
    Smith & Wesson 40
    Colt Detective Special
    Manurhin MR73
    Herters 401 Powermag
    Delta AR Top Gun
    Sig P210-6
    Springfield P9
    Hi-Standard Sentinel MK IV
    Glock 20
    Smith & Wesson Shield
    Smith & Wesson 586
    Smith & Wesson 4006
    Smith & Wesson 41
    Smith & Wesson 1905
    H&R 999
    Hi-Standard Double Nine
    Ruger Blackhawk 357
    Llama XI Especial
    Astra A100
    Beretta 92SB
  13. I've been busy with rifles and a mares leg pistol: Rock River Arms LAR-15 .223, Ruger Gunsite Scout .308, FNAR .308 and Rossi .38spc/.357mag




  14. I also picked up a few handguns: Sig M11-A1 9mm, Glock 20SF 10mm, Ruger GP100 .357mag, Ruger SP101 .357mag, Ruger LCR .38spc and I finally received the recalled replacement of a Caracal F 9mm.






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  15. Ruger 10/22,2000 rounds of .22
    Gen 4 G23 , 1600 rounds of .40
    600 rounds of 9mm
    two sets of Warren Tactical sights
  16. Dalton Wayne

    Dalton Wayne Epic mustache
    Millennium Member

    A Gen 3 Glock 22, added night sights and a Glock GTL 21 light laser combo....
  17. xnicodemusx

    xnicodemusx Custom fitted

    I'm jealous:wow:

    All I've bought is a new gen4 g29, a g20 mag, one a&g grip extension, and a hell of alot of reloading supplies.
  18. right after xmas, I bought a S&W M&P .40, I still cannot find xtra mags.

    in January, I bought a rossi mod. 92, in .357 mag. that little rifle is a hoot to shoot. a bit under max load, 125 gr. XTP will make one helluva dent in 3/8 steel plate.

    in late February, I bought a Remington R1 enhanced. slick 1911 in .45.

    I also bought an action target dueling tree. good for big bore handguns, not .22.
  19. Hmmm...let's see.

    Some ammo...quite a few more mags and...Ohhh Yeah!

    Berettta 92 Billinnium



    Beretta 85B



    Blue Label Glock 22 (if it counts...it's paid for and due to come in sometime in the next few weeks :supergrin:)
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  20. Sadly.

    Waiting for the insanity to subside.
  21. You may be the smartest one here...


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