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Discussion in 'The Sig Sauer Club' started by gatorglockman, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. I figured I would officially join Sigforums in case I wanted to post a question, etc for expert insight on Sigs. Now pending 24 hrs into the approval process. What gives? Is that normal? No mods present? :crying:

    This is my favorite forum bar none. Just curious as to why the delays.

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  3. the All-Mighty Parabellum has to do an extensive backround check on all prospective SigFourm members.......

  4. Surely you are joking right! Close to 24 hrs....still patiently waiting.....

    Oh well. I know we have lots of GT members that hit that one too. I will just be patient.
  5. Glock 17L

    Glock 17L *GLOCKAHOLIC*

    Para is good people but there's so many folks that have been baned that simply just get another email account & open another account in another name..
    He used to moderate the S&W as well & has alot of time & money tied up in his forums..
    You'll like the SIGFORUM, It's the #1 place to find out what you wanna know as far as SIGs are concerned..
  6. Thanks for the intel gang. I will just chill out and lurk for the time being.
  7. took about 8 days for me...patience grasshopper....
  8. Glock 17L

    Glock 17L *GLOCKAHOLIC*

    When you can snatch the pebble from the palm of my hand Kwi Chang you will have learned
  9. It does take some time but the wait is well worht the education you will get when you start reading.
  10. Glock 17L

    Glock 17L *GLOCKAHOLIC*

    Well Kwi Chang?? Have you Learned YET??
  11. Well....still no access...LOL. No worries, but I will say, this is the longest I have ever had to wait for access to a forum.

    Did go to the range last night and ran my first Sig (a 2022) through some COF's and had a blast. My bud ran his P226 beside it, so we had fun.
  12. It took about a month for them to authorize my access.

  13. HOLY SMOKES!!!!!!!!!!! :wow:

    I guess the DNA lab was backed up or something!

    Hmmm....well at this point and speed, I will likely have another Sig in the herd when/if I do gain access, which will work out well.
  14. frank_drebin

    frank_drebin 1-man flash mob

    I never got an email when they authorized mine. I just tried one day and it worked. Mine was about 7 days.
  15. It took about a month for me to get my GT membership activated! No exagerating. I wanted to cry
  16. BamaAla

    BamaAla Roll Tide

    I gave up trying to get registered over there. Where in Alabama do you shoot that Sig?
  17. Hey Bama!

    I am a member at Heritage Range in Argo AL. I shoot some IDPA at Steel City when I can and also at the hunting club on occassion.

    How about you?
  18. BamaAla

    BamaAla Roll Tide


    My gf's dad is a member at Steel City, so I go down there with him when we get a chance also took the Vickers class there earlier this year; that place is nice. When we're in the Ham, we usually just go down to ATI to shoot a few boxes. We're about to move to Hoover, so I will probably join at Steel City in the coming months. If you're ever in B'ham and want someone to shoot with, send me a P.M.; I'm always interested in meeting fellow enthusiast.

    Good luck with the Sig Forum registration.
  19. When you get to the Ham, PM me bro. I will be glad to show you my range too......a lot cheaper and less crowded. Not as "pretty" but just as functional. Great pistol range. Only draw back is we only have a 100yd rifle range. USPSA club housed there as well (we have 5+ pistol bays).

    ATI is nice and they run IDPA style tourney's on Monday nights I believe. Me and my shooting buds do the same thing at our range when we go. Usually we have 3 or so shooters, so it makes range time fun and your ammo goes a long ways.
  20. Sigform can be very informational. My only issue is that ALL handgun discussion is mixed in with the Sig Pistol area.

  21. I've been waiting over a week!!!!!!!

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