What exactly is the .25 trigger job?

Discussion in 'Valuable Info' started by MilitantBEEMER, Jun 5, 2009.

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    That's a highly technical description!

    Actually, as most of you probably know already, I tend to agree that most people would be much better off to go forth and shoot the gun a lot instead of polishing parts.

    Doing so not only smooths the parts 'naturally', it also has the added benefit of improving one's shooting skills, and pretty much avoids the possibility of *causing* the malfunctions we see here so often that require replacement of (at least) the trigger bar.

    I simply have to support Glock in saying that uneducated and inexperienced people should not (in their quest to achieve quick and easy shooting skills) be polishing the parts on a gun that they depend on to work right so they can protect innocent life and avoid needless accidents.

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  2. Butch

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    I too must disagree.... 'Properly lubed', it should only have oil on the connector/trigger bar interface, right?

    And, do you not put oil on a stone when you sharpen a knife?

    Agree! But the key words there are "done right", which all too often isn't the case, especially among new Glock owners.

    But look at the bright side, we don't have any bone headed fmj158's involved.....Glocks don't chamber a cartridge that's loaded with a 158 grain FMJ. :) (PM sent)

  3. Bowtie

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    lol back at ya..I havent had a trigger yet that felt as rough as a stone but you never know...
  4. My little brother and I both spent about four hours breaking down our glocks and doing a detailed polish on all the parts detailed in the .25 trigger job. I want that four hours of my life back.

    At first we were both like... well I think it feels a little smoother. Then it was...you know, I think it feels about the same as before.

    I can't say for sure but, I kind of think that was a waste of polish. My feeling is that if you are really bored, and you really just want to open up your glock (which we did want to do) then go ahead, but unless you are also changing connectors (mine has a ghost 3.5 already) I doubt you'll notice much difference.
  5. Bowtie

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    Do you have an un-touched Glock there with you so you can compare the difference?
  6. Well, I must have been really bored this weekend :embarassed:. I polished mine. There feels like a little difference. I really just wanted to learn my glock so I thought I would give it a shot while gun was apart.
  7. Yeah, his is a G19. I guess you could kind of tell, the break was maybe a little cleaner but nothing tangible I could really put my finger on. Still good because if we hadn't done it we would never have found out how easy it was to detail strip.
  8. recycooler

    recycooler 9-11-2001

    Hey dear I am going to order a ghost rocket trigger for my glock would you like one for yours?

    No thanks,

    Are you sure?


    (install trigger and .25 trigger job)

    Hey dear try this..Now try yours

    ( reracks tries both again using reset)

    BIG grin appears

    I will order yours tomorrow dear

    thank you.
  9. Butch

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    Now she's gonna need a thousand repetitions of the new trigger pull.....
  10. I don't quite understand this logic. What does it matter 3.5 lb or 5 lb trigger on a carry gun? (whats good for you isn't necessarily good for me) If you have any common sense at all you should know not to have your finger on the trigger unless you plan to use it. You can make all the excuses in the world but the fact is most shooting accidents happen because of ignorance, lack of training, or best of all just plain stupidity. Now you take all that into account and What does it really matter if you have a 3.5 lb or a 5 lb trigger? I personally like my 3.5 lb trigger which if anything makes me more accurate, It defiantly did not make my gun less safe.
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  11. Cool, i always wondered exactley what it meant.
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  13. atxjax

    atxjax El Melao

    awesome info. Thanks guys.
  14. Airsprint

    Airsprint G-19C

    A rag and q tips some mothers and time is all you need to do an awesome trigger job, I made my bars and trigger mechanism's look chrome in about an hours time + no worrys of taking off too much material, definitely a small difference in smoothness and trigger break.
  15. This project got me to take apart my G19, do the trigger job with flitz, rag and q-tip, and re-assemble the gun. A great learning experience and confidence builder. Will do the same to 26 soon.
  16. I realize that most cleaner-waxes are a mild, mild abrasive, but it's hard to believe you buffed it all smooth enough to notice in an hour with a rag and a car wax. Are you sure the 'better' feeling trigger wasn't merely the leftover wax acting as a lubricant on the parts that rub?
  17. Try it yourself and you'll see. With the proper polish, q-tips/rags and some elbow grease it feels glass smooth.
  18. I was planning on using my dremel... it just sounds like a LOT of time and work to get an effect with Q-tips and polish...

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