What exactly is the .25 trigger job?

Discussion in 'Valuable Info' started by MilitantBEEMER, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. I am new to the forum and am curious as the what exactly the .25 trigger job involves. I have seen it mentioned several times but not able to find description.

    Thank you for your help.


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  3. Its when you take a polishing pad on a dremel tool and polish your connect rod on your trigger assembly. As a result you get a smoother trigger pull.

  4. Are there any example pictures?

    I am a visual kinda guy....

  5. Perhaps that thread should be stickied somewhere? Its really quite good.
  6. Wow, awesome and way over my head.
    "Dammit Jim i am a sales manager not a mechanic"

    I will hold onto this article unti I feel alot more comftorable with my Glock and its components.

  7. Opus109

    Opus109 Man Omega

    Go to YouTube.com and put "Glock 25 cent trigger job" in the search function. There are several videos of differing levels of detail that, in my opinion, give more thorough and "visual" instructions than text with pictures. Just my $.02.
  8. If you really wanna get fancy you can do a 75 cent trig job! jk I dont wanna confuse you (theres no such thang)
  9. Butch

    Butch RetiredDinosaur
    Millennium Member CLM

    Doing it with a Dremel tool is a good way to screw up the trigger bar and/or the firing pin too.

    Quite a few people have come here over the last ten years wondering why their Glock doesn't work, or why it fires more than one shot when they pull the trigger after having done a $.25 trigger job....with a Dremel tool.

  10. I use a 3 way nail buffer to do my .25 trigger jobs. Works perfectly and you dont have to worry about taking too much metal off or getting rubbing compound everywhere.

  11. RottnJP

    Lifetime Member

    That's not a bad idea. I did one with the dremel, and it turned out fine, but the buffer is probably a bit more gentle.

    OP, it's definitely worth doing. It turned my o.k. stock trigger on an early Gen3 G23 to a thing of beauty. (Well, the polishing plus a 3.5 lb connector)
  12. Thank goodness someone asked this question. I've seen it mentioned on nearly every topic discussing triggers. Very good information too!! Thanks!!
  13. Will it void your glock's warranty?
  14. Frmboybuck

    Frmboybuck ***** medic

    Not if you use your brain doing it. Thats why its called buffing, not grinding. If you have some wits about you, the Dremel works better than anything
  15. JJay03

    JJay03 NRA Member

    I was looking all over for this also. On a carry gun should I do the 3.5lb connector also? If so where do I get it?
  16. sgtlmj

    sgtlmj NRA Life Member
    Millennium Member

    Google search for "25 cent trigger job". QED
  17. jdice1980

    jdice1980 Proverbial Noob

    I think you are wasting your time trying to convince these people. It is only human nature to blame ones failings (in this case the inability to shoot properly) on some external factor (trigger) rather than address the real issue (with practice).
  18. You obviously lost something in translation. Butch didnt say dont do the job, but dont do it with a Dremel because they take too much off.

    Enhancing "perfection" is not blaming the gun.

    But I dont blame you for your misunderstanding. Its only human nature to grab hold of something so you can try to feel superior and demean others thus feeling better about your own shortcomings.
  19. Mr Thundermaker

    Mr Thundermaker Delta Tau Chi

    Game, set, match. Well played sir.
  20. Butch

    Butch RetiredDinosaur
    Millennium Member CLM

    No way would I advise anyone to use a 3.5 connector with a coil spring in a carry gun!


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