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What ever happened to the .17 Winchester Super Magnum

Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by CBennett, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. I shot this out of a Savage last year at a gun show. Seemed like a good round..great actually for a rimfire seemed like it should be great medicine for stuff out to 200 yards or so? then since that show ive never heard another thing about it...not seen any rounds for it..not heard of anything but that Savage being chambered for whats up with it anyone know..I was strongly considering its not so much as ive heard nothing more/seen nothing more about it(though I still see advertisments for it in hunting magazines)
  2. rhino673


    Feb 7, 2010
    I guess the same thing that has happened to most .17 caliber stuff. Looks great on paper but just isn't practical. From my experience with the .17 HMR it is absolutely fantastic for squirrel , groundhog or most any small game UNTIL the wind picks up. I have never shot anything that was so susceptible to wind. I still like it but only on dead calm days.

  3. One crappy (Savage BMag) and one expensive (Winchester 1885) rifle choice, plus poor accuracy performance (may be exacerbated by the BMag), and high ammo costs makes it a flash in the pan so far.

    Haven't heard of any other companies interested in building a rifle for it, so it will probably die a quick death.

    If you need a super 17, the (re-loadable) .17 Hornet would likely be a better choice, IMO.
  4. I dont reload(at least not yet..just dont have the space for least I cant dont have a garage or separate room for literally be doing it at the living room table/kitchen table/or in the computer room lol) But I do like that round also....I was just looking for something with a bit more kick than the .22 WMR I have..thats good out to about 150 yards and is less effected by the wind.

    I was looking at something good out to 200 or so maybe 250 I just cant see myself in any of the fields i woodchuck hunt shooting 300+ so I dont need anything super long range. I also like to TRY and keep the racket down...

    some of the farmers land I hunt on let me hunt because I normally use rimfire ammo and they like the less racket (the more quiet crack of a .22LR or .22 WMR VS the BOOM of a 22-250 or even .223) says the quietness spooks their livestock less and just does not bother them when they are in the house as much.

    Ive even gone as far as thinking to see if I can hunt in PA with a bolt action with a suppressor lol.

    I know there are several guns that would do what I want in something like a Savage Walking Varminter rig....223,.22 hornet,.204Ruger,.17 Hornet. But im sure all of them make more racket than a rimfire :) mostly because(well except the .22 hornet) the bullet goes a LOT faster :)
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2014
  5. I'm not sure the little .17 bullets would be a great choice for chucks, but I've not had a lot of experience with them.

    I'm a big fan of the .22 WMR, and find the .30 grain loads perform well for me at longer ranges, while the .40 grain loads are still great for larger critters.

    Unfortunately, that increased report comes along with the larger case capacity (and increased velocity) of the center-fires, and I'd suspect (tho' I haven't shot any personally) the .17 WSM would be a bit louder than your .22WMR.

    Rimfire Central has a section dedicated to the .17WSM, if you want to read some first-hand reports.
  6. Yeah thats what I use right now(my .223 is a NEF handi Rifle and doesnt even currently have a scope on it) is .22 WMR its a Marlin 25MN bolt action..need a better scope on it but other than that its a decent gun. could use a trigger job but still shoots about 1 MOA at 100 yds(rested). I normally use the CCI Maxi Mag+v rounds in it when they hit at 150 yards or less its pretty much looks(aka does the same damage) on them as what it looked like when id shoot one with the .223. In the .223 I normally use Black hills .52 grain HP's .

    So it sure works well on them at about out to 150 yards or so.


    Dec 13, 2011
    Western Virginia
    ive used 17hmr to kill groundhogs. the longest shot i ever made on one was around 130-140yards.dropped him like a hammer though. my hunting area never allowed me a shot longer than 220yards. never got a target on that part of the field though. i once did alot of varmint hunting with a 17 rem. fireball. i loaded my own shells for it. the ammo is pretty pricey for it i believe. that little cartridge did wonders for me though. i harvested some pretty big critters with that little rig. very accurate in a model 7 predator. i havent had much experience with any other calibers, other than 223.
  8. Johnny Ringo

    Johnny Ringo

    Dec 19, 2013
    Perhaps it may have been trumped by the .22 Winchester Super Magnum, but then again, I haven't heard much about that lateley, either.
  9. I haven't seen anything from Winchester on a .22 WSM, but...

    The fact that the WSM needs a Hornet sized action seems to mean most makers (unless they are going to build a new rifle like Savage did) aren't interested as they don't see a big market for a rimfire round in a center-fire rifle. Even if they used an existing rifle design, they'd still have to build a new bolt with an off-center firing pin (more costs).
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2014
  10. No matter what you think is happening the physics don't lie. The .17 hmr is less susceptible to wind drift than the .22 magnum.

    posted from my stupid smart phone, please excuse any spelling mistakes.
  11. +1

    I love my .17 hmr. But I see no use for the .17 WSM.

    If I need more than the .17 hmr I grab a .22 centerfire.

    posted from my stupid smart phone, please excuse any spelling mistakes.
  12. Yeah I am giving up I will just stick with the .22 MAG instead I dont need a .17 really guess if I get anything it would be the .223 or .204 ruger which ever.. I am really liking that Savage walking Varminter..
  13. You can hunt with a can.
  14. ...or a tube... "can" is just so over-used! :supergrin:
  15. Yeah i did a bit of research and saw that...Savage Walking Varminter in .223 with a Suppressor...:supergrin:
  16. jhertzler


    Jan 11, 2009
    For what it's worth here, I did see a few boxes of .17 Winchester Super Magnum at Cabelas today. T'was interesting to see it show up, though I think it was $16.99 for a box of 50. Big ol' case for a rimfire. Nice little ballistic tip bullet. Might be bad a**. jrh
  17. VN350X10


    Apr 13, 2001
    McHenry, IL
    I've only seen 1 rifle in 17WSM come thru the shop, mounted a Nikon scope for the gent, the rifle was a Browning, model is only made in WSM. Got 1 round of ammo from the man for my collection. It's actually a common rimfire case, if you're in the construction industry. The basic case is a .27 cal. HILTI nail gun round.
    With the wind drift of a .17, if it's too far away for my .17HMR, I'll drag out my Hornet. If that don't work, I'll go to the .223 or the .220 Swift. If it's too windy for the Swift, I'll sit back, relax & have a beer ! Varmit hunting is supposed to be relaxing, right ?

    uncle albert
  18. sourdough44


    Jul 23, 2007
    I'm a late bloomer to the 17 HMR, just got a Shilen barrel for my 77/22 mag. It's been a lot of fun. After sighting in I so far potted a pesty coon & possum. It's ideal for that.

    I don't feel a need for the 17 WSM. It may have a tough time gaining traction.
  19. LAst week when I was in GM looking for ammo(they actually had .380 finally! yay...none anywhere else) a guy came in looming for just that round...asked the counter guy got and WSM ammo...guy said nope haven't seen any in a while..guy then grumbled..thats why that guy let me buy this rifle so cheap lol....cant get ammo for it :) .

    I think I will just stick with my old single shot NEF handi rifle in .223...right now its just the "stock" model..I dont even have a scope for it(went on one of my .22's for some Silhouette shooting) for the price of a .22 rifle I could probably just send it into the factory have them mount the 24" varmint bull barrel .223 on it instead and then add a scope..heck i guess i could just use the standard .223 barrel thats on it now and try that out..never shot it much got it in a trade years back. Heavy trigger though something would have to be done about that.
  20. VN350X10


    Apr 13, 2001
    McHenry, IL
    Well, in my using the .17HMR on prarie dogs, it's good out to about 250 yds./no wind. Not spectacular, but gets the job done nicely. Inside 150, it does blow things up nice. But the key is velocity & that 17 gr. bullet doesn't hold on to much horsepower past 125-150 yds.

    uncle albert