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  2. The TRP quality is nice. Well put together and accurate.

    As for the rifle, DAMN!!!

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    No experience with the Bushmaster.
    The Nightforce is outstanding! TRP is an outstanding value.
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    Sweet the TRP is in stock!!! thanks for posting that!!! I have been looking 4 one of those!!

    :tongueout::tongueout::rofl: I kid I kid...:supergrin:
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    Before you spend that kind of money, you better do a LOT of research. Night Force makes nice stuff, but look into USO as well. I have no idea about the Bushmaster, but do some serious research like I said. I've heard of McMillan rifles, and their reputation, but I haven't heard anything about Bushmaster .50cals.

    Sure the McMillan Tac-50 is $8,000, but keep in mind it also includes a Night Force 8-32x56mm Mil Dot. It also comes with free training at their facility, which I've heard is nice. So not only do you get a sweet rifle, you get training on how to shoot it too. IMO, if you're going to shoot a .50cal, you need training. I have no idea what your background is, but you can't just pick up a .50cal rifle and hit a target 2,000 yards away. A LOT of work goes into it.

    You could go for a Barrett as well, but they are quite a bit more.
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  6. I was hoping you would chime in as I see you on the black rifle forum. Thanks. Don't post much over there as most of them are like glock fan boys.
  7. My LGS just got in a TRP just like the one in your photo, it looks Awesome.
    I should have waited for a TRP instead of buying the MC Operator. :crying:
  8. Thanks for the info. But we can handle the gun. Old groundhog shooters from way back. Been shooting long distance for 32 yrs. Of course 6-700 yd. shots is differant than 2000yds. But we shoot military style weapons a bunch.
    .338 luppua



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    I would love to get my hands on one with some training. Last qual I put 10 rounds in the black (torso sized) at 500 yards with an M16. I shot 332/350 points.

    Granted that's a LOT different than long range, but I certainly would like to try! Whatever you end up getting, appreciate it!
  10. This is probably a dumb question, Limb. What are the golf tees for?
  11. :rofl: We set golf balls and paint balls on them to shoot at. You can see some of that in this pic. The only thing in my mind that a golf ball is good for. :tongueout:
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    How did I know that was coming??? :supergrin:
  13. Cool stuff for sure :cool:
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    As you know, glass is a VERY inportant part of a precision rifle. NF or USO are outstanding choices!
    Both are a bit out of my price range for my needs. I shot a 1.7" four shot group with my FN SPRa1
    It has measley Leupold Mark IV, 3.5-10 glass. I hope to get it down below .5 moa with a bedding job & working a load for it.

    The Mcmillian package is an outstanding value. I would suggest looking into the Armalite AR50.
    Seems to have a much better track record than the Bushmaster.
  15. i say go for the trp!

  16. Cool pics my friend.
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    TRP's are sick for sure.
  18. I really like my TRP. The only gun I have with FCS that I think is sexy...
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