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What Do You Think? Dog Related

Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by Goldendog Redux, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. Goldendog Redux

    Goldendog Redux Shut your mouth

    Aug 22, 2003
    Near as I can figure this is what happened as briefly as possible.

    I was in garage. Heard chihuahua, Seamus screaming, yelping. In bedroom, Cat was under bed growing. Seamus was under the bed freaked out and I could see blood and moisture on his coat around his mid section. Blood was not flowing, just redness on coat. Norton the Lab was in the room. Poop and pee on bed-probly from Seamus

    I booted Norton out and managed to get Seamus, he yelped in pain. Norton came running back in and put his nose up to Seamus. I whacked the crap out of him he went and got on his bed.

    Seamus at vet now with a hernia of sorts as the doctor described it. Teeth did not break skin. X-rays negative. Little guy is getting surgery to repair the hernia. Doc says he should be fine. Waiting to head bac from vet.

    I think what happened is Seamus jumped on bed, freaked cat out, cat attacked seamus, he has a couple scratches on his belly. Norton, heard commotion and got into it, picking Seamus up.

    Small varmints, rabbits, quail etc. have never survived Norton catching them even if I interrupt right away. Clearly if Norton was angry, predator or whatever and got Seamus in his mouth, Seamus would be dead.

    It may sound naive but I think Norton was trying to help Seamus. Regardless, bad news either way. Norton is about seven, Seamus is about two and they have lived together along with our other animals in peace. Norton growls at the other animals occasionally if they mess with him if he wants to be left along.

    Seamus routinely licks Norton's eyes, mouth and generally cleans him up.

    Perhaps one should never trust big dogs around little dogs even if they live in peace. Norton is not much of a play with other dogs, dog. My young lab and Seamus play pretty hard some times.

    Sooo. I'm not sure what to do about Norton, crate him when they are unattended. Put in an electric fence and boot him outside and crate him if he has to be inside. Take him to the pound (its a no kill shelter). I just don't know.

    Keep Seamus separate from the other dogs when unattended?

    Perhaps the lesson is big dogs can severely mess up little dogs and you never can tell when it could happen.

    Norton is not a vicious, fighter or anything. He is just a Lab that shadows me and loves to go on runs.



  2. G30SF/F-250

    G30SF/F-250 GTDS Platinum Member

    Sounds like you like the little dog more than the big dog and are willing to get rid of the big dog.

    Shame shame.


  3. Goldendog Redux

    Goldendog Redux Shut your mouth

    Aug 22, 2003
    It was probably the damn cat that started the commotion. That cat hates me.
  4. G30SF/F-250

    G30SF/F-250 GTDS Platinum Member

    Get rid of him too.:whistling:

    The wife ticked you off lately?:dunno:

  5. bush pilot

    bush pilot

    Jan 29, 2004
    I would shoot the cat, no particular reason.
  6. *ASH*


    Jan 12, 2008

    big animal person here, and we have 3 chihuahuas , small jack russell who acts like a hua .

    now for your situation , here is what i would do

    ofcourse since seamus is hurt and having surgery he should be away from all to heal without conflict .

    2nd , id might get a video monitoring system that records so if this ever happened again you could see what happened. systems are really cheap now a days .

    3rd . when seamus recovers i would watch all play activites

    4th if it happens again you have a difficult choice

    then again iT may never happen ever again . im just not a big proponent of having big and small animals together . :dunno:
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2014
  7. Mr Turdle

    Mr Turdle NRA Life Member

    Jan 3, 2009
    I feel for you, as I had a problem similar to this with my six year old Golden retriever.
    Rude comments from others doesn't help either. I hope things work out for you.
  8. Goldendog Redux

    Goldendog Redux Shut your mouth

    Aug 22, 2003
    I almost posted in the critter forum to avoid the trolls. Of course I expect it.
  9. G30SF/F-250

    G30SF/F-250 GTDS Platinum Member

    I know right!

    *ASH* saying he is an "Expert".


  10. bush pilot

    bush pilot

    Jan 29, 2004
    Then you weren't disappointed.
  11. Dalton Wayne

    Dalton Wayne Epic mustache Millennium Member

    Apr 5, 1999
    Central Florida
    The've got along fine give em another chance
  12. Berto

    Berto woo woo

    Sep 15, 2003
    It doesn't appear like the lab intended to hurt the puntapet, but you still have a vet bill, which sucks.
    Large dogs will often 'mouth' small dogs when playing around...add a cat to the picture and all sorts of weird crap could happen.

    LASTRESORT20 LongTerm-Guy

    Aug 10, 2010

    This ^^^ Agree....
  14. Goldendog Redux

    Goldendog Redux Shut your mouth

    Aug 22, 2003
    I think the reality is that Seamus needs to be protected from all large critters, including ours. I think Seamus will now be crated whenever we have to leave the animals alone.

    Seamus is recovering at the vet. He is a very lucky dog it seems. Doc said it looks like he was used like a chew toy.

    I guess we were living in a fantasy world in thinking everything would be fine, always. Our dogs are sweet but they are still animals.

    Vet bill is going to be frightening.

  15. kahrcarrier

    kahrcarrier FAHRENHEIT

    Jan 8, 2004
    Southern IN
    Our cats and dogs play "fight" with one another. Which usually ends up with a dog holding down a cat as they "chew" on them, but with no pressure. No harm.

    We haven't had a problem with the dogs hurting one another other than an occasional warning growl or nip. Hope it stays that way.

    Good luck with your issues!
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2014
  16. FL Airedale

    FL Airedale Dog Breath

    May 21, 2011
    North-Central Florida

    I think you are right that your lab didn't intend to do great harm to Seamus. I've seen how fast a dog can kill a smaller animal. Often it is over on the first bite before the shaking even begins.

    You may be right that Norton was trying to help Seamus since sometimes dogs miss when they bite. Both my wife and I have been bitten when dogs were fighting and we tried to break it up. Maybe Norton was going for the cat.

    He may have been after Seamus. What would have been an inconsequential warning bite, on another large dog, is potentially fatal to one that is less than 10 pounds.

    Crating Seamus and/or Norton when humans aren't present, is the kind thing to do.
  17. NDCent

    NDCent Socially Inept

    Mar 19, 2010
    Hope Seamus recovers quick. :dog:
  18. Goldendog Redux

    Goldendog Redux Shut your mouth

    Aug 22, 2003
    Thanks. It's gonna be a long night with him at the vet and all.
  19. Steel Head

    Steel Head Tactical Cat

    Jan 1, 2010
    A cat box in WA
  20. Goldendog Redux

    Goldendog Redux Shut your mouth

    Aug 22, 2003
    Just got back from seeing the little guy. Vet had to go back in and repair another hole in the chest wall. Seamus was all stoned when I saw him first. Once he saw me he lightened up and sat up even. Feel bad for getting his hopes up then leaving though.

    Doc says he is a tough little dog, tougher than most. Seems like he is in good hands.