What Do You Carry in Your SP101 .357

Discussion in 'The Snubbie Club' started by JK-linux, May 25, 2009.

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  3. When I carried a S&W J Frame .357 I always liked the Winchester White Box 110 grain .357 load. It was just enough to be a magnum but didn't hurt your hand when shooting.

  4. Tazisland

    Tazisland ¡Déjeme en paz!

    I have recently gone to the new Hornady 38 SPL+P 110 gr FTX also known as their Critical Defense line. Like the accuracy and clean burning/low flash of this round out of my 2 1/4" barrel.

    If they aren't exagerating about the expansion...
    then this will replace my Gold Dots as my fav.
    Hard to find, so I stock both right now.:supergrin:
  5. One of my favorite loads for an all round carry load in my 3 1/16 inch SP 101 is the Double Tap 158 grain Gold Dot. When woods walking its loaded with the Buffalo Bore or Grizzley 180 grain cast load. For a load that offers less penetration and more expansion the Federal 125 grain JHP is a good pick. Full power loads are no problem in the SP 101. It is a very tough little gun.
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  7. Berto

    Berto woo woo

    I load .357 125gr Gold Dots right now, because that's all I have, backed by a speedloader of +P+ 147gr .38sp.
  8. Federal 357 125 gr HP here. Recoil is stiff but manageable. I tried Win 145gr Silvertip and second shots were just too slow. Carry what is accurate in your gun and what you are comfortable shooting with. Not what everybody thinks you should carry.
  9. Chup

    Mine has the old Federal 125 357 load. It's like shooting a hand held Canon with these. I also use Corbon 125 357. Any 125 357 load that is accurate from my gun would do.
  10. For me the hot 125's seem to have more recoil than the 158's. The DT 158 is a little hotter than most other factory loads in the same weight but I still think the Federal 125 is more of a handfull. For the hot 180's I like the Hogue Monogrips on my SP 101. With the standard grips my finger hits the trigger guard when shooting the hotter 180's. No problem at all with the 125's or 158's when using the standard grips. For less recoil I see DT loads a pretty hot 38 Special +P loaded with a 125 grain Gold Dot bullet. If recoil is a problem their are some very good options on the market. Nothing wrong with the old 38 Special +P 158 grain LSWCHP FBI load.
  11. I am thinking of get a SP-101 with a 3" barrel?

    What do you think?

    Would be a second gun!
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  13. Those little rugers are cool. If it says .357 magnum on the barrel . I shoot magnum loads all day. I show it no mercy.

  14. I think they are the best thing going. As far as compact .357 magnum for hot weather or deep concealment.

    I'd love to get a 3 1/16" version
  15. I guess I am a bit old school, I use Federal 38 +P LSWCHP
  16. .38+P is a good choice

    I'm going to buy some 125 grain .357 mags soon. If i want .38 special i shoot my .38 smith and wesson

    I like my ruger more and more as i shoot it. Its pretty easy on the hand and i can carry magnums with serious stopping power
  17. 125gr 357 mags hp,s or in the woods 158hard lead swc,s 357 mag, 7grs. of Unique.
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  18. Similar load here, I have been carrying Buffalo Bore's +P LSWCHP.
  19. katana8869

    katana8869 NativeFloridian

    Speer Short Barrel 135gr .357 Gold Dots in my 2 1/4" SP-101
  20. i shot some of these last weekend, along with the .38 +p version, for comparison. honestly, there didn't seem to be much more recoil with the .357, i was very surprised. both rounds were fired from a 3" 686+

    apparenty speer uses the same 135 grain bullet for both the .38 +p and the .357 loads
  21. Usually BB's "standard" pressure .38 spl SWCHP 158 gr. But realistically, the BB version of the FBI load might be a better choice in a heavy snubby like the SP 101.

    Surprisingly enough, I fired a box of Blazer (aluminum case) 158gr HP .357 mag through my SP 101 and found it very accurate and controllable - almost pleasant to shoot. If I had some confidence as to the expansion properties of that bullet I'd be inclined to make THAT my carry load in the Ruger.

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