What do you carry for CCW?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by thisaway, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. Auto

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  2. Revolver

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  1. From the looks of the video practiced a tad.
    Id like to think im almost as fast,just not quite as accurate or speed in reload figure im toast if I usem all up anyway.
    Rohm 22
    Llama 32cp
    hipoint 45jhp
    For me its easier to toss the empty atem and pull another as carry more than one and have but one extra mag for the pa63

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  2. G19 gen 3, but just picked up a Kahr PM9. Im going to try to work the Kahr into my EDC but I sure do love my Glock. We will see how it goes.

  3. Generally Auto, either G27 or Colt Defender. For the days I'm wearing shirt and tie, S&W J-Frame in a pocket holster. Had a Snake Slayer IWB, but just wasn't cutting it :(.
  4. Guns, knives, and saps.
  5. I leave the house every morning with a Kahr PM40 tucked in a Talon IWB setting at 3:00 and I feel very comfortable and confident with that combo
  6. recently picked up a talon IWB for my PM9 and love it!!! You outta check them out http://www.talontraininggroup.com/
  7. BLau

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  8. Sgt. Schultz

    Sgt. Schultz Annoying Member

    I carry a Glock 30SF.
  9. Tazz10m

    Tazz10m Mod Aerator
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    Well, to tell you the truth, i finally got sick and tired... and, of course, frustrated with not finding a holster on the market that fit my needs, so, i broke down and make my own... and it works GREAT!!! So, now i'm considering making them and selling them, so i can't post a picture of it yet... but i have made a couple... and have been testing them for almost a year now. Wearing it now... IWB...strong side hip... adjustable cant... silent... VERY comfortable... easy to access the gun even while sitting in the car or with weak hand... VERY fast... adjustable hold on gun... doesn't "rock or shift" on the belt... several other secret features... blah, blah, blah... works, works, works, and is not "frustrating" at all.
  10. I carry a Walther PPS 9mm primarily. And sometimes when I am just walking, a Mark 23, just because I can.
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  11. Glock 30.... I have yet to see a better carry gun period. Ten rounds of 45 ACP in a compact and reliable firearm.
  12. S&W 642 38 Special +P ammo.
  13. KAHR CW9, or a CZ-82, sometimes a Walther PK380, but not as often.
  14. I usually carry a SIG P239 in a TTGunLeather OWB/IWB holster ...


  15. Diesel McBadass

    Diesel McBadass Tactically Epic

    mostly the bodyguard 380 but i tested my g19 and it runs reliably so i may start carrying that ocassionally now
  16. GLOCK 19 with a Fobus GL2-RSH holster (can be seen in my avatar)

    You really couldn't ask for a better holster.

    However, obviously I can't keep the extended mag when carrying. For that, I keep it ready to go at 15+1.
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  17. My primary carry has been my G19 in a Raven OWB for a while but it's always warm her in Corpus Christi so I decided to go for something smaller. So my new Kel-Tec PF9 has started to get carried quite a bit.
  18. G19 or Shield 9mm. On days when I feel mean my P45. :)
  19. Noles26

    Noles26 Made in Texas

    Sig 938
    Glock 20
    H&K P30

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