What do you carry for CCW?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by thisaway, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. Auto

    66 vote(s)
  2. Revolver

    4 vote(s)
  1. Jack23

    Jack23 I. B. Glockin'

    I chose "Auto" for the poll because it is what I carry 90% of the time


    Occasional alternate carry = Charter Arms .38 Chiefs special

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  2. g27 but have jframe 642 or a taurus 85 on the way,cant make my mide up.

  3. Ganesh

    Ganesh Okie 4 Life

    I carry either a Ruger SP-101 .357 with 158 gr. double taps using gold dot hollow points. Or a Glock 27 .40 S&W with 165 gr. double taps again using gold dot hollow points.....

    The ruger is carried in a Comp Tac C-T.A.C IWB holster. And the Glock 27 is in either a Comp Tac C-T.A.C or carried by a Clip-Draw. I use a good sturdy 1.5" wilderness belt and have no fear of the 27 goin off on its own. But would not do so in just a pair of shorts or anything without a good belt helping protect the trigger.


  4. SCmasterblaster

    Millennium Member

    2nd gen, fully-loaded, a la mexicana 11 o'clock. Hornady 115gr XTP-JHP+p+ 1400 FPS.
    #44 SCmasterblaster, Jun 28, 2007
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2015
  5. Keltech P3AT or the G27. :thumbsup:

    Soon to add the G29 :banana:
  6. keith56

    keith56 BAD KARMA

    A Glock 19 full of Speer Gold Dot 124+p gr., an Emerson folder and a bad attitude.
    #46 keith56, Jun 28, 2007
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2009
  7. Arc Angel

    Arc Angel Deus Vult!

    :) Just to keep things simple, I carry some combination of five different pistols: As a primary weapon either a Glock G-21, an S&W Model 686, or a German-made Walther PPK-S.

    As a backup weapon either a Beretta, 'Alley Cat', that same Walther PPK-S, a second G-21, or an S&W Model 59. (Which has always been something of a, 'lucky gun' for me!)

    Initially, I couldn't make up my mind how to answer the survey; after thinking about it, I'm going to say, 'automatic'. :thumbsup:
  8. jonathon

    jonathon Bowtie Freak

    When I can even carry it's an auto :thumbsup:

    Usually a P239 in .357 or a 1911. When out 4 wheeling, it's a Glock 21.
  9. NeverMore1701

    NeverMore1701 Fear no Evil
    Platinum Member

    Beretta 92 in CTAC, 1 or two spare mags, depending on the occasion. 124gr +p Gold Dots.
  10. Depending on the occasion, generally a HK P2000SK .40 LEM, or a Sig P239 .40, and a G27.
  11. I carry a G19 and a S&W 642. You needed to add an option for for both.
  12. denfoote

    denfoote MENACE

    Ruger P97DC
    Glock 36
    Kahr MK9 Elite 98
    Walther PPK/S

    Depending on the circumstances.
  13. allglock

    allglock Guest

    It should read SEMI-auto........NOT auto.
    I know you guys arent carrrying autos around. LOL:banana:
  14. Either, both.:thumbsup:
  15. I voted wheel gun because it's what I'm carrying now. Also my j-frame
    is my default carry piece when I'm just running out.

    My preferred piece in cooler weather is my G27 or Kahr cw9
    Which ever I feel is appropriate.
  16. Laserlips

    Laserlips "Laus Deo"



    I desire to cc the Walther P99/AS stoked with 15+1 (sometimes 16+1) 9MM CorBons..

    But in truth I generally wind up cc my Seecamp LWS32 loaded with 6+1 32cal. Speer Gold Dots...


    J. Pomeroy
  17. CarlosC

    CarlosC AK Fanatic

    G-23 with Golddots 90% of the time. Sometimes a G-19 with Corbons. I used to carry a P-11 with 115gr Federal HPs.
  18. Irish Knight

    Irish Knight M*A*S*H Fan

    Glock 23 for all day carry. Radom P-64 if I'm just running a quick errand.
  19. My 24-7/EDC is one or more SP101 snubbies, with .357 ammo. When I want to pack heavier, I add a Ruger GP100 or Speed Six to the mix. This is on my own time; I am required to carry an autoloader in my police duty rig. I could carry the duty pistol on my own time, but very rarely do so. I chose the SIG 229R with the DAK trigger as a duty pistol, because, of the approved choices, it most closely matches my sixguns in balance, feel, and trigger stroke length. Edited to add: I like my autoloaders just fine, from Seecamp to Mustang to SIG to 1911.

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