What do you carry for CCW?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by thisaway, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. Kahr CW9 in IWB, S&W .38 649 in Dillon tote bag.

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  2. Steyr M9 of M&P 9, usually mexican carry

  3. For the most part.. I carry an EGW tuned Kimber custom .. during the summer I carry an EGW tuned STI Ranger II and my back up is a Kahr .45
  4. [​IMG]

    The knife bc it wont get me harassed if i use it to cut a string.
  5. Glock 26 with Hydra-Shok in a CTAC or Smart Carry with a Lasermax. Recently I switched to a Kimber Ultra CDP II and I'm in love! Might have to cheat on Mrs. Glock from now on.
  6. With all that "BLING" you may need a couple Glocks!!
  7. Current CCW : Kimber Pro CDP II, .45ACP, 1911.

    However, I just placed an order for a Wilson Combat "Professional Model" 1911 that will take over CCW and all-around duty. The Kimber will be going to the wife, as she just recently got actively involved in shooting.
  8. most of the time SA "Loaded" 1911 .45 or a glock 17. but been thinking of switching to glock 19 or ruger p95.
  9. WODEN

    I carry I Glock 23 on and off duty. Sometimes I carry a 27 off duty .
  10. CJStudent

    CJStudent Fenced In

    I switch it up, depending on what I'm wearing and where I'm going. Either a Taurus 85 (steel frame) or a G23, sometimes both if going in a bad end of town. And a reload for whatever I'm carrying.
  11. Gimp

    Gimp Old Coot

    "All that "BLING" looks like the set my juvenile delinquent nephew just bought on icedoutgear.com...for about $25.
  12. Glock 23 and now a Glock 29...
  13. My CCW varies between a Kimber TLE/RL II and a GLOCK 22. Ammo load out varies depending on wear I'm headed, but never less than 1 extra mag. Occasionally I'll carry my 642 in addition to the other one.
  14. sisco50


    Kel-Tek P3AT for the moment but soon to be replaced by a Taurus Millennium Pro .40 S&W model 140SSP which was ordered a week ago.
  15. 2nd Gen Glock 22 with night sights and 15 Hornady TAP 180 grainers.

    Two extra 15 rounders in the truck.

    ...all the time.

    - Brickboy240
  16. sisco50


    I found my G22 to be a bit too large for CCW. But it's perfect for the home.
  17. Me- G36

    Wife- S&W 642
  18. Gimp

    Gimp Old Coot

    depends on what I'm wearing andhow I feel about the circumstances I'm likely to encounter. Comfort and concealability are big issues, so that Glock is usually either not for concealed carry, or only for 'big coat' days. (I'm sorta skinny.)


    3 inch S&W .38, Glock22 (shoulder harness &2 spares) CharterArms .38 snub, CZ 82...the knife 'cuz...well, sometimes it pays to be quiet.
  19. Bikerpreacher

    Bikerpreacher NRA Endowment

    Depends on the mood and as other have noted what I am wearing that day. The guns I have been known to carry include:
    Glock 29
    Springfield XD 9 Sub Compact
    FN Five Seven
  20. Current CCW Russina Makarov with extra mag.

    I used to carry a Glock 19 but it didn't fit my hands that well at all and for some reason I enjoy shooting the Mak more and am a better shot with it. The 19 became the dresser gun and may end up being destined for safe queen status.

    My wife doesn't carry that often but when she does she has a Taurus 85 in her purse as well as pepper spray

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