What do you carry for CCW?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by thisaway, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. plp


    Colt Government Mark IV .380 is my all the time EDC, if I leave the house it is on my person. I intend to replace it with a Sig Sauer 238 at some point when the money is right, essentially a copy of the Mark IV.

    Perversely, my favorite way to carry is with a Galco fanny pack, when outdoors in the woods it is protective of the weapon, easily accessible, and distributes the weight to the point I forget it is there. I am usually also wearing a tool belt on the opposite side so I'm more conscious of the tool belt than the carry rig.

    I've tried 3 different Kel Tecs (too light and kicky to be accurate and frankly too problematic to trust to fire every time, while great for EDC just no good past 15') a Bersa Thunder .380 (GREAT range pistol, just a bit too big and heavy for EDC, really want to try out a 9mm Ultra), a Ruger LCP (while light and more accurate than the Kel Tecs, worse trigger ever) and an AMT Backup .380.

    The AMT took a lot of polishing of the slides to get it to run reliably and have to use PennLube heavy grease as well. It was my EDC for the past few months, as the Colt has a lot of sentimental value as well as no small amount of actual value and I bought it so the Colt could stay in the safe.

    What I finally decided was, for me, nothing compares to the Colt in terms of reliability, accuracy, and weight. Yeah, some are lighter, some are as accurate (Bersa) and some are as reliable (NOT Kel Tec) but today it is the total package.

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  2. KT pf-9. People love to hate them, but they are small, light, and mine has never missed a beat.

  3. Either a G-21 in a Raven Vanguard II or a compact Rock Island Arms 1911 in a Versa Carry.
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  4. plp


    Man, I would love to find a good one. I've only tried one PF-9, and it was brand new out of the box. We tried 3 different types of ammo, some hardball reloads I'd bought, Speer hollow points (what the owner had bought on the recommendation of the salesman that sold him the pistol) and a box of Winchester white box flatnose we bought at the range after issues with the other two types. We couldn't get anything to cycle past two consecutive rounds, had both FTE and FTF problems, and none could get better than 6" groups at 21'.

    I've tried two other small Kel Tecs, in .380 and .32, can't remember the models but both were well broken in rental guns. They fed fine with ammo provided by the range, functioned fine but still had multiple FTF with both. A simple pull of the slide solved the problem every time but as I said before, just too light for my rookie skills as far as repeatable control.

    I am serious, would LOVE to find a good PF-9 or PF-11 (weighs less than the Colt and will not lose any sleep if it gets wet or scratched), for the higher punch in 9mm vs. .380. I'm going to keep looking, most of the pawn shop finds in those models are ridiculously overpriced right now (have seen them as high as $350) for condition.
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  5. barth

    barth six barrels

    Depending on attire, I always have one of these on me.
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  6. i carry my s&w 6906 :cool:
  7. Keltek pf9 in the warmer months. Glock 20,22,17 in the colder months. The 20 is reserved mainly for hunting and camp bear gun.

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  8. Glock 36, Sig P229 40 cal

    Also have a Colt Detective Special
  9. Glock 26 Gen 4
  10. Glock 26 and sometimes a Ruger LCR 38+p at the same time
  11. BLau


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  12. G19, uncle mike's IWB, appendix carry
  13. Was a Glock 27. Current is a Kahr CM9 in a Desantis IWB holster appendix carry.
  14. Daily carry HK p7m8 cerakote finish nice flat package !
  15. Glock 30SF in a crossbreed supertuck or the Kahr CM9 in a crossbreed minituck or Highnoon holster.
  16. Glock 22 in a Safariland 6377


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  17. HollowPoint .45

    HollowPoint .45 NRA Member

    I own several pistols that I consider to be carry guns.

    S&W 638
    Ruger LCP
    Ruger LCR
    Glock 27
    Sig P220 Compact

    But in all reality my most carried gun is my Ruger LCP, if I'm wearing pants its in my pocket. :whistling:
  18. tedwhite

    Millennium Member

    Current EDC is a Beretta Nano. Or a G26. Depends on mood. Or maybe which one I look at first in the morning. Both shoot as well as one could expect with such small pistols. Which is to say both shoot equally well.

    The Nano conceals slightly better as it's a single stack.
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  19. Mostly my G30. I can conceal it at any clothing level. Shorts/T-shirt all the way to full suit and/or winter coat.

    I do carry my G21 when I can wear a coat and/or larger button-up shirt un-tucked.

    Both disappear with my IWB holster.


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