What do you carry for CCW?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by thisaway, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. Auto

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  2. Revolver

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  1. this is my edc of choice :cool:

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  2. Still sticking with the Glock 26..


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  3. My PM40 wrapped in a talon grip. The talon training group IWB is a great holster but I'm anxiously awaiting the alabama front pocket holster I ordered for a more conceiled summer carry option. Should be here any day now
  4. BillMc

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    27 with IWB holster
  5. How do you manage that, I live in Florida and would love to edc my G21
  6. i carry 2 j frames 642 and a 337 and 2 speed loaders 20 shots you cant go wrong
  7. Currently, Interarms Walther PPK .380; transitioning to G19 Gen 4.
  8. Beretta Nano or HK p2000sk, depending on weather and my inclination that day.
  9. Edc is a 26
  10. Rick305

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  11. I surprised myself by recently switching to a S&W 908. Sometimes, the first time you fire a certain pistol your face lights up and you know you've got a "right" pistol.
  12. Kahr CM9 in a DeSantis ankle holster (office carry). Glock 26 in a Crosebreed Supertuck on the weekends.
  13. Kimber Ultra CDP (LG)
  14. BLau

    Just picked up a Nano. My rotation now consists of a SW360, Ruger LCP, and my Beretta Nano.

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  15. Ordered a LCR today to compliment my LCP.
  16. Glock 23 of course
  17. I have several and carry each depending on weather or mood. Lately I've been carrying my sig P220 carry. I also have a ruger lcp, smith &wesson shield (9mm), G23, and once I get my holster my new sig 229.
  18. G23 (primary) & G27 (backup) w/2 spare G23 mags.

    Getting ready to switch over to the G22 for primary.--Of course, will change to 2-G22 mags for support of both weapons.
  19. The wear on that 26 looks sweet
  20. Ruger sp101 in .357 mag. Critical Defense 125 grain.

    The gun will always work and the caliber will always stop anyone...:rofl:

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