What connector for NY 1 (8 lb)Trigger?

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by RockinAR, Mar 30, 2003.

  1. I put a olive (8 pound) NY trigger in my Glock. I could of swore I read somewhere like Glockmeister you should NOT use the factory 3.5 connector with it. Or was it a 5.5 connector? I don't remember, so that's why I ask.

    Anyone know what connector should go with it? I like the olive trigger and am even going to bump it up to the orange trigger.

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  2. Butch

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    The '+' (or eight pound) connector should not be installed with a NY spring, the 3.5 and 5 pound connectors are OK with it (except that I don't think NY springs should be put in Glocks at all).

  3. Screaming .357G

    Screaming .357G 598ci big block

    as said above...3.5 or the stock 5lbs but not the + or 8 lbs connector.

    I also agree that the NY trigger springs are not for me.
    I tryed a few diffrent triggers,springs etc a while back and the only ones I liked were the 3.5,stock 5,and "+" or 8lbs connectors.
    The NY trigger springs be it olive or orange just felt mushy to me.
  4. If you need a NY spring setup, I think a NY olive and the standard 5lb connector combo is best. This is in conjunction with a standard fit/polish Glock trigger tune-up. Nothing major just slicking up the stock parts to remove the extra friction caused by the semi-rough stamped/machined Glock parts.

    The trigger pull with a NY olive spring and either the 5lb or 3.5lb connector is going to be HEAVY. The 3.5lb connector helps a little on the break weight but I don't think it's enough to make it worth the extra $20 when paired with a NY spring. Save the 3.5lb connectors for guys who want a lighter "competition" trigger.
  5. I like the NY1 with a 3.5 connecter. it feels like some of my fathers shorty forty smith & wesson. I like the pull and feel.
  6. cadillacguns

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    I know this is an Old Old post from way back, and there has been alot of discusion on NY-1/NY-2 Triggers and the approved use of the standard 5lb or (-) 3.5 lb connectors in your Glock and never, never, never, use a NY-1 or NY-2, with the (+) 8 lb connector (Kinda like sticking a fork in the wall socket) but you know, I like mine set up that way, NY-1 and (+) connector. I know Glock says don't, and the Armorewrs manual says don't in print, I am just asking ("WHY NOT") and after lots of seasrching, I stil don't get the Why Not because.............answer?!?

    Going to the range with my G-27 and G-22's tomorrow and I'll put the standard 5lb connectors back in I guess, (IF) I find out my set up is dangerous, unsafe, or gonna break my babies.

  7. The combination of the + connector and either of the NY springs is not approved by Glock as an acceptable configuration.

    The explanation given by the instructor in my armorer's class wasn't particularly enlightening, but the gist of it was that it could result in a situation where the gun couldn't be made to fire due to the way the forces in the trigger/connector/striker interaction were multiplied by the combination of parts.
  8. cadillacguns

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    Ahh, been firing my G-27 like that for years, my G-22 and G-19 had the Ny-1 and standard connector, funny thing happened, when I re checked my 1990 LEO trade in G-19 2nd Gen GS prefix, I found out I had an original NY-1 trigger spring in there, since I now set them up for NY-1 and original connector not one trigger feels exactly the same.

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