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What comes first

Discussion in 'GATE NFA/Class III' started by grg3d, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. grg3d


    Mar 3, 2009
    Maine USA
    Hi I would like to do this to my Glock


    All I have is the Glock and 33 round mags for now.
    I do have a concealed carry permit

    I know there is paperwork involved.
    What should I do first?

    Buy stock then fill out the paper work
    Paperwork then purchase stock?
    (where to get and what forms)

    Same for the suppresser.

    Not sure how to go about this and any info would be appreciate

    Oh I want to do this because I can....

    Thank you for your time

  2. Zak Smith

    Zak Smith 3Gunner Millennium Member

    Aug 25, 1999
    Fort Collins, CO, USA
    I apologize for the response delay but GT logged me out so I didn't see new topics.

    These are all questions that have been answered already. The specific questions you are asking are:

    1. how to obtain a suppressor, and

    2. how to convert a pistol to an SBR