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What Chronographs

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by blastfact, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. blastfact


    Aug 15, 2011
    Are people using these days and why?

    I'm in the market for a new unit myself. My old hand me down chrony is junk at best. So it's time I replace / upgrade to a new unit.

  2. ColoCG


    Mar 18, 2011

    I use a CED M2 chronograph, it works great. It has a 20' cord to place the display screen and electronics on your shooting bench.

    If you do shoot your screens it's not as big a deal, you don't have to replace the whole unit.

    It also stores all your info and has software to connect to your computer to save info or print it out.

  3. Steve in PA

    Steve in PA

    Mar 1, 2000
    Competition Electronics Digital is on my short list!
  4. GioaJack

    GioaJack Conifer Jack

    Apr 14, 2009
    Conifer, CO
    Find someone you really don't like, (an ex-wife works perfectly), have them run directly away from you; load test bullets at different velocities, when you reach the point where a bullet is faster than them, (her), you're done.

    No need to spend money on a chronograph. :whistling:

  5. teweekley


    Nov 20, 2009
    I use a Chrony F1. It folds up for easy storage. For around $100, can't beat it.

    There are other models of the Chrony available, a printer attachment, and remote display.
  6. robin303

    robin303 Helicopter Nut

    Sep 27, 2009
    Austin, TX
  7. Kwesi


    Sep 23, 2006
    +1 for the CED M2. BTW: I find the voice feature very handy!
  8. fredj338


    Dec 22, 2004
    Yep, unless you want to pop for an Oehler, the CED is the best one going for the price IMO. ANY Chrony model is marginal at best, even the most expensive one still has the cheap screens of the cheapest model & the heart of any good chrono are the screens.
    The CED unit is pretty good. I have shot my Oehler, a CED & Chrony BM back to back to back, they all read within 10fps of each other. The big diff, the Oehler never misses a shot, the CED rarely & the Chrony as many as 50% w/ identical shot placement. It's the very small/narrow screens that Chrony uses.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2011
  9. dougader


    Apr 17, 2004
    I use an old Chrony because I'm cheap. I thnk I paid about $34 or $35 for it, well, a long time ago and it still works. Haven't shot the heart of it, but the cardboard "skyscreens" are looking a bit tattered.

    I haven't ever had 50% bad shots, but i have lost 1 or 2 in a 10 shot string before.

    I need to step up to that CED y'all are talking about. My chrony doesn't even record the shots. I have to write them all down and figure the average fps and extreme spread. Ack!
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2011
  10. PCJim

    PCJim Senior Member

    Aug 4, 2008
    OK, I tried to stay away from this thread, as everyone knows I have not had the same problems with missed shots that others claim with the Chrony lineup. I use a Beta Master, and will admit I'm a fair shot. Maybe I can keep the shots in the sweet spot of a narrow field of view eye better than others, but I don't believe so. The Chronys give reliable data, as Fred already mentioned, and are probably the least expensive units available.

    Whatever brand/model you decide upon, I highly recommend a remote display.

    Keep in mind that most people use their chronographs a LOT when first acquired, and much less as time passes. You develop a good load for each of your firearms, and the chronograph sits in the closet. Consider your investment, and the frequency of actual use. YMMV.
  11. fredj338


    Dec 22, 2004
    It really does depend on what you want one for. If all you need is an occasional reliable PF, then a cheap Chrony works fine, even if you do miss upto 50% of the shots. If you reload for dozens of calibers & use it as a reloading tool, then it's a frustrating PITA to lose even 20% of the shots. Like when running a 5shot string of rifle ammo while testing accuracy.:shame:
    Just like not every shooter needs a progressive press, if you have a limited need, a Chrony can be made to work. For not much more money though, the CED is by far a better product.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2011