What Chest Rig / Chest Carry Pouch for G26?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by joeG26er, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. joeG26er

    Millennium Member

    Hey all-
    I like to incorporate running in my training and usually run with a weighted camel-bak hydration system (backpack).

    Was wondering if anyone else can suggest a chest carry pouch / chest rig so I can run with my G26?

    Looked at some radio chest harness rigs but don't need the radio holster nor the straps around the back. Just a pouch that attaches to my pack straps so I can put my G26 inside. I'll rig up a holster inside the pouch.

    Anyone have ideas?


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  3. Maxpedition has some small EDC-type pouches that might work. If you look on Amazon a user has posted their picture of one of them w/ a G26 nestled inside. They can be mounted all sorts of ways.

  4. nyycanseco33

    nyycanseco33 Da Fk'n Man

    Hey we all love the feel of EDC with our Glocks just as much as the next guy or girl here and I'm sure running with it sounds fun but if you are running with your G26 because of the area you run through then I highly suggest you take a different route instead of taking chances... In your handgun course you are taught to not walk, or in your case it would be run, into situations that require the use of a gun for protection in the first place...just MHO...
  5. It is a very, very dangerous mindset to think that you can, with any degree of certainty, predict when or where a violent attack may occur. Violence happens everywhere. If you believe you're safe, or even safer, because you live or work in a "nice" area, then not only are you kidding yourself but your senses are naturally less heightened and I believe you are more vulnerable to attack.

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  6. I run Daily, I have to for work plus its my favorite type of workout.

    My suggestion:

    Get a kel-tec pf9 for 250.00 and get the belt clip, clips right on to running shorts and weighs very little, I cant imagine trying to run with a chest harness sort of thing, that would be really annoying.

    Ever since I got my kel-tec, I have done almost every run with it (5-6 days a week).
  7. Survival Sheath Systems headed by Rob Hummelbaugh makes a few chest rigs that I have been using....GREAT PIECE OF GEAR.... :supergrin:
  8. nyycanseco33

    nyycanseco33 Da Fk'n Man

    Apparently you are in the percentage that think the world is a horrible place and you need to carry a gun on you at all times just to survive... It's amazing you survived without one for so long till you were 21 or so... Fear is not a healthy way to live, good luck with that and don't trip over anything while you keep looking back over your shoulder... It's pathetic that society has come to this really and sad that you buy into these beliefs
  9. I have been running for years, and carrying everything from a G30 to a Kel Tec P3AT in a Belly Band. My weapon is at 4 O'Clock, and all is well as long as it's positioned high up off the waist in order to minimize the bounce effect as I run. Here in Florida, we sweat a lot while running. So, I will usually sandwich a small dish cloth underneath the weapon, between the Belly Band and my skin, and this works well to keep the gun dry. This carry method is super versatile in that you can position the weapon in any way you wish, and they typically come with auxilliary pockets for backup mags, keys, etc. Give it a try.
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  10. Good luck with your soothsaying.
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  11. Is he still in business?
  12. pizza_pablo

    pizza_pablo USN Retired

    Does your Camelbak have d-rings on the front of the straps?
    Couldn't you rig some molle gear to them?
  13. joeG26er

    Millennium Member

    Thanks for the leads. I will check them out.
    I run too fast and hard and too far for a belly band or tucked / clipped firearm.

    Would like a pouch that is easily accessed and does not look like a holster.

    If anyone has any other suggestions, would love to hear them.
  14. Glockdude1

    Glockdude1 Federal Member


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