What caused the Big Bang?

Discussion in 'Religious Issues' started by Geko45, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. Green_Manelishi

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    Me offended? :rofl: "You" have been attempting to pick it apart for many years. "You" try new tools, new theories, etc. yet each is an epic fail.

    Offended? :rofl:

    The only hole is in your logic. What puzzles me is why a raging atheist would enter a RI room. Is it because you are not secure in your beliefs?

    So are "your" theories open to examination and found to be lacking in anything other than the latest non-existent article of clothing for the emperor.

    Oh that's right; we are "star stuff or some such twaddle according to Carl Sagan.

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  2. MadMonkey

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    GM, how do you believe the universe was formed, and how long did it take?

  3. Green_Manelishi

    Green_Manelishi Knicker Knotter

    I am confident (> .95) my position is clear. Perhaps you have not been paying attention.
  4. Animal Mother

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    The classic "is not" defense. Impressive as always.
    If only that had been explained somewhere, repeatedly. Like on this very forum.
    If this were true, you'd be able to point out the errors, rather than defending on an inane attempt to insult Dr. Dawkins and the storied "is not".
    What are stars composed of? What are humans composed of?
  5. Animal Mother

    Animal Mother Not Enough Gun

    How can it be clear when the goalposts are constantly moving?
  6. MadMonkey

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    I just asked a simple question. It wouldn't take many words to answer it. Do you think the Bible's description of Creation is to be taken exactly as written?
  7. Can't we all agree that religion has always been correcting itself to science, while science has never corrected itself due to religion and just all be friends?
  8. Green_Manelishi

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    We can all agree that science has been always correcting itself yet still has not found the answer. Rather than ask "how does it all work" they seek "How did it all come to be because we know there is no God".
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  9. <double tap>
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  10. How would you suggest that scientists could attempt to validate the assertion that "God did it"? How can it be tested? How can it be falsified? What predictions can be made based on it?

    Even religious men and women in the honest pursuit of science must put aside "God did it" because teaches us nothing and cannot be confirmed or disproved by science.

  11. Do you use medicine and medical technology? If so you're a hypocrite. The Science that you seem to love to be willfully ignorant of makes your world possible. Including the computer you blast it on.
  12. Green_Manelishi

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    I wondered how much time would pass before some daft gauk made that asinine comment. I could just as easily tell you to stop using the brain God gave to you. Then I realize, you don't !
  13. It's ok... Hypocrite. Keep on bashing science but relying on it for your very LIFE every single day. Must suck to need something you despise in order to continue living.
  14. There is evidence science works; some of that evidence is medicine, some of it is the computer you use, and so on. Where is the evidence any deity exists to have given humans a brain, and where is the evidence it could only have been your particular deity?
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  15. Green_Manelishi

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    I don't "bash science" you silly git. I bash "scientific" theories which can neither be proven or falsified except with an equally unprovable and unfalsifiable "scientific" or mathematical formula.

    Your "science" is a religion, nothing more or less. You too have your heretics (questioning your dogma) which will be excommunicated if they dare question the holy writ according to Darwin, Dawkins and Hitchens.

    Branes, multiverses, strings, quantum singularities. A never ending parade of imaginations and theories. Meanwhile the Word of the Lord continues on forever, unchanging and reliable.
  16. Especially the part you depend on for your life and comfort. Those parts are all true. They're ok... but the rest... the rest is just craziness huh? Hypocrite.

    It's ok Hypocrite. I think you'll find most scientists are fine with you taking advantage of their advances while at the same time expelling garbage from your face hole about their current findings. As long as you don't get in their way I'm sure they don't care. Again, another difference between science and your mythology. You don't have to accept it in order to be a hypocrite and enjoy its fruits.
  17. Jesus invented the internet.
  18. Geko45

    Geko45 Smartass Pilot

    I thought you were the one who objected to using branes?

  19. Animal Mother

    Animal Mother Not Enough Gun

    Slavery is still A-OK then? What about executing women for not being a virgin on their wedding night or not sufficiently protesting their rape? Those are part of the unchanging and reliable word of the Lord aren't they?
  20. Kingarthurhk

    Kingarthurhk Isaiah 53:4-9

    Did you know that doctor's used to prescribe smoking for lun ailements? They were supposed to the unquestioned authorities of their day. We now know how absurd that was. Yet, you assume everything is correct now?

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