What carbine do your wife/kids use?

Discussion in 'Survival/Preparedness Forum' started by Tim808, Oct 1, 2012.

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    1. The JBT's

    My wife has a Colt 6721 that she has owned and carried in uniform since before I was a gun guy or cop. :)

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  2. Hmmmm.....red dot? Best bang for buck method to mount the red dot?

    Saiga has a $40 picatinny rail that runs above the dust cove (remove rear sight, stick front of rail there and use the screw for the stock to secure the rear of the rail). I think this is the best bang for the buck since the rail is cheaper than the ultimak and less heat tolerant red dots (lower priced) can be used.

    (If battery goes down, I guess you have to sight down the side of the rifle like the kids that play paintball and hope your targets aren't too far away....or pray/spray)

    For the light just screw/bolt a rail to the forearm......I believe under the forearm instead of to the side.

  3. LongGun1

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  4. LG1 - Thanks for the info! That is nice......I'll tell my buddy to get one while I save up for one.
  5. Faulkner

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    I've owned a .30 carbine or two through the years and think they make a fine choice for smaller statured people, but my wife has gotten kind of partial to my PC-4 and I like it because of the shared ammo with my Glocks.

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  6. My SO likes her lever action Marlin in 38/357 mag. None of this fancy stuff for her. Since I reload both those, it works for me!
  7. My wife shoots the same thing I do. My car gun is a Colt LE6920. To this day I still don't understand why people have a beef with direct impingement on a semi auto rifle. It has worked reliably for how many decades now? I've had my share of AK's and they are no easier to clean. One takes as much time for me as the other. I've never had an AK style rifle as accurate as my Colt's but I'm sure one could be or has been built to be every bit as accurate. That said I feel the majority are accurate enough for the intended use. I'd feel well protected with either choice.
  8. Mine runs a PS90. She was running a .223 caliber AK with an Aimpoint T1 before that, but really got attached to my PS90.
  9. ChuteTheMall

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    If 75 pound Viet Cong girls can handle the recoil of 7.62x39 in AK's, anybody can.

  10. well, its easy to handle the recoil when you don't put the stock to your shoulder.
  11. I know.......I just ordered a Vepr in 7.62x39.....just $499 =).

    I'll bring the Vepr 7.62x39 and a Saiga 223 to the range with us (wife and my 2 girls) and see how it goes.

    I actually bought the 223 Saiga for the wife a while ago. My thought at the time was that I was eventually going to buy an AR (just to know how to manipulate, assemble/disassemble, etc) and to stay with one caliber for rifle ammo.

    Still on the fence about that one caliber idea. My friend has been preaching diversity of calibers to me but I haven't bought it yet.

    Since I found out that I don't really care about the AR (because of my laziness, the AR itself is fine) and might not buy another AR, I may just go the AK/7.62x39 route if the wife/kids are okay with it.

    I'll probably still keep the 223 Saiga to tinker with and to let other people try at our shooting events. (translated: I'm a gun ho)
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  12. My other half shoots my Beretta Storm like a champ and prefers it over my other toys.
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  14. The 40 is so new that it is already plus p compared to 45 and 9 so I have Glock 23 22 35 and the magical kel tec 2000 in 40 so my 15 and 22 round Glock mags fit all. Big enough for bear and the kel tec makes the 40 like a ten. It will fold to 16 inches and 4 pounds.
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  15. Pistol rounds, in any caliber, from any barrel length, are poor fight stoppers.
  16. you are entitled to your house and plane but not to your facts:) :tongueout:
  17. Well you go on thinking that you've got the hammer of thor then. Someone who knows better will find you to be a convenient resupply point. :whistling:
  18. So you generalize but is a 44mag from a rifle more or less than a 5.56 from 16"?
    U talking bear or man or what is the difference?
  19. the 500 S&W is like a one ounce slug in 12 ga or would you rather have 55 gr 5.56 16" ?
  20. My wife likes the AR.

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