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What can I do with my Deer Rifle? A-bolt - 30-06

Discussion in 'GATE Long-Range Shooting' started by shnifty, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. shnifty


    Nov 25, 2009

    I've been wanting to learn and practice some long range shooting for some time now but don't have the money for a high end target rifle. What do you think I could accomplish with my Browning A-bolt chambered in 30-06?

    I've been using it for about 10 years but haven't really put that many rounds through it. Just enough to sight it in at 100 yds and then shoot at game each year. Maybe 100-200 rounds or so.

    I'm willing to spends several hundred on a decent scope but that's about it until I know for sure if I want to go all in.

    Is it even possible to get a rough estimate or are there too many variables?


  2. Zak Smith

    Zak Smith 3Gunner Millennium Member

    Aug 25, 1999
    Fort Collins, CO, USA
    If you can make it shoot 1 MOA or better at 100 yards, then it would be worthwhile to put a scope with external target knobs on it and give long range a go.

  3. shnifty


    Nov 25, 2009
  4. shnifty


    Nov 25, 2009
    Just wanted to update for anyone with the same question. I bought a new scope and bi-pod for my a-bolt II and also started reloading. I zeroed in my new scope last night and then tried out my 168gr match king rounds and found that without trying too hard, i was able to shoot .5 - .6 MOA at 100 Yds. I'm fairly pleased and I'm going to try pushing it out further as soon as possible.