What brand ammo is best for a 45

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by 11o'glock, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. I got a glock 21sf .45. I was wondering if anyone had any good opinions on good quality ammo for the gun? any particular brands that people have been using that seem better than the rest?

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  2. You'll make a far bigger difference than any differences in ammo.

    If you're talking practice ammo.. Whatever Wal Mart sells(Federal, Speer, Winchester)

    Carry ammo... Really anything from the above 3 also. Test it, see how it works in YOUR gun, and if it's accurate, roll with it.


  3. I like Speer Gold Dots in my G21 & G36 for SD so CCI LAWMAN is practice ammo.
  4. Carry ammunition: HST, Gold Dot, Ranger T.
    Range: American Eagle, Lawman, Champion, WWB.
  5. Practice: Bulk WWB stuff from Walmart.
    Carry: HST or Ranger T.
  6. Two questions:

    1) what do you shoot best with your gun?
    2) what can you readily find at a price you are willing to pay?

    That's your best ammo.

    Some people handle heavy recoil better than others. Some guns prefer different weights than others. No quick answer.

    What works best for me, is no good for you if you can't find it (or don't want to pay for it).
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  7. I like Doubletap ammo. :)
  8. For practice feed it anything that is the right size and goes bang. For carry Speer gold dot is good as is Winchester ranger
  9. this was all helpful advice, thanks a lot. its nice to know what other shooters prefer and it allows me to try new stuff. appreciate it
  10. My G21 has liked everything I've used. For EDC, Speer Gold Dot 230gr JHPs & Hornady TAP 230gr +P have been the most accurate.
  11. Ditto. I'm sort of partial to Ranger T ammo but these are all great and there should be no problem with feeding.

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