What are your range queens?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Pier23, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. This was mentioned in the Glock side of the house, but it got me wondering, what are people's range queens, the pieces that we don't want to subject to the hurly-burley of life and the indignity of getting coffee spilled on the handgrips or barrel scratched by the car keys or the panic of... geesh... lessee.. I left that _somewhere_...surely I didn't toss it in the laundry hamper again because I didn't take the belt holster off my slacks...

    Hmmm... a subset question could be the <duh> moment that is funny now but wasn't at the time...

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  3. I don't really have safe queens, I like to shoot everything. The closest is a Beretta Elite II which I don't compete with anymore, and that I might sell now that I think of it. Guns are not queens to me, I like to use my women plenty given the chance.

  4. My range guns are my Dan Wesson PM9 and Smith & Wesson 686. I hope to add a Colt SAA 45 if I can ever find one.
  5. This one: Kimber Pro Crimson Carry


  6. <<<< is jealous of you VERY VERY NICE GUN!!!! :wow::wow::wow::faint::faint:
  7. 1957 vintage Colt Detective Special only because I'm stupid and had it blued so it looks factory new. Had I left it alone, I would still shoot it but I cannot bear to put a mark on it now (even though I know it isn't really special because it is no longer original.) All other guns get shot regularly.
  8. I thought we were talking about range queens ( guns we love shoot ) not safe queens ( guns we rarely take out of the safe).

    Did I misinterpret the meaning of range queen?
  9. My range queen (or gun I love to shoot) has always been a 1911 of one sort or another.....now it is my PPQ! :cool:
  10. My range queens would have to be my pre Model 18 and Model 617. Thoughts of a range trip without one of them causes me to frown and causes spasms in my wallet hand.
  11. byf43

    byf43 NRA Life Member

    There are two of my handguns that go to the range EVERY trip.

    Colt Gold Cup National Match
    Smith & Wesson mdl 41 w/5-1/2" barrel

    There are others, but, these two make EVERY trip!!
  12. I don't think the OP was referring to safe queens. He said range queens.
  13. I really need to get one of those. :)
  14. Dang it, man...BUSTED!!!:supergrin:

    Here are the current range queens (if I understand correctly, and that these are the ones which make all the trips...)

    SIG P226 Mk 25

    Ruger SR-22
  15. Thanks, man--that was my first "big" 1911 ever, considering that my SIG P238 HD is 1911-ish.

    This one is only a 4" barrel, but is easy to shoot, and is pretty darn accurate. I've got a larger 5" 1911 on order, and will post about it if LGS ever gets it for me this calendar year.
  16. My old model 15 makes most of the range trips.

  17. Sorry i know I will be in the minority here but I dont have any. When I buy a gun I get it to USE(if im not gonna actually use it the $$ can better be spent elsewhere). I normally as a result get a GOOD gun but actually avoid what many would call the "nicer"(prettier) gun because since I KNOW im gonna actually use it its gonna get dinged and or scratched up a bit..for example for a Varmint rifle I could have gone with a Ruger #1 or a Remington 700 rifle...but id go with a NEF/H&R single shot heavy barrel(will probably from shooting both the Ruger #1 and the NEF group about the same) or the Savage with accu trigger....both will shoot just as well as the "nicer" guns but when they get dinged and scratched I wont feel as bad cause I paid about 1/2 the price :). I just dont own safe queens or collectors guns no want or need I guess.. I just own good quality WORKING guns..that get used for the intended purpose...

    when I find a gun im not really using anymore I tend to get rid of it for something else I want/need more...sometimes the other thing isnt even another gun..

    Id have to say the closest I have to a pure range gun is the Dan Wesson 15-2

    someday id love to get some nice custom wood grips on the 15-2 but thats about as far as I go :)
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  18. I don't have a range queen or a safe queen, I shoot and carry all my pistols. I don't wear slacks, either, I wear pants.
  19. I dont even own slacks or dockers lol :supergrin:
  20. Don't really have one. As you can see mine are all Glocks and I bought them to shoot a lot.:supergrin:
  21. :rofl:

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