What AMMO for home defense?

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by dajcarroll, Jul 10, 2012.

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    What toilet paper toilet should I wipe with? I know there are so many kinds! Should I go two-ply, quilted, scented, with colors!?! It's just so hard to pick.
    And not to go off topic, what motion do you guys use? Front to back, back to front, pillow?
    Thanks alot!:wavey:

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  2. Just communicating what works so reader will make correct ammo choice earlier.

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    :tongueout: What TP you use is largely dependent on your budget and diet. The motion is also dependent on TP type, size of your butt, arms and toilet seat. :tongueout:
  4. You're so cool.

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  6. I have 2 3/4" #6 shot loaded in my shotgun. Reason being that's what I have left over from hunting. And that wouldn't be my first choice in HD. First, my G30, and when I run out, my G22, then my Walther PPS, finally my Security Six. Then I reload.
  7. #1 You can EXPECT whatever you want. Reality will usually disappoint...

    #2 "Attched to a lawyer" :rofl:
    Since your name is NY-shooter, perhaps it's time to get out of NY....

    When it's dark, you are adrenalized, and the target is moving/shooting back, entire shots may not land on the target. And you guys are worried about stray pellets!?!?!?!? Like maybe only one will be a flier????? AHAhAhaHAhAhAhAhahahahaHAHAhAHAHAhaha
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  8. plp


    Good topic, lots of great food for thought here.

    After all this, what I've come away with is once again, shot placement rules all.

    The typical redneck load for HD for generations in a pump shotgun has been two rounds of #8 birdshot, followed up by as much buckshot as you can squeeze in. Remember, most of us live in double wides with paper thin walls and have a housefull of family bunked down all over the place, so penetration is a huge consideration.

    I've seen some videos where they shot a chunk of pig parts with #9 birdshot at 22', nothing that I saw convinced me anyone in the house would be immune or that load was insignificant, particularly the way it shattered the ribs and flung 2" chunks of bone in every direction for about 8" of penetration. COM with this stuff at that short a distance was truly impressive, even with a 2 3/4" shell.

    At distance, I'm no ballistics expert but know #7 birdshot is totally ineffective for rabbit hunting, always preferred #4 as it gets the job done out to 75' or so. A rabbit jumped at 15' and hit with #9 doesn't leave much for the skillet, but are really easy to clean.
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  9. Pawing through some gun magazines I had round yesterday I came up with something I hadn't paid much attention to and it needed a revisit. It, I feel, shows the need to pick your ammo for the SD shotgun based on your expectations. I will summarize the results the writer got while testing a Mossberg 590A1Special Purpose in the February 2012 issue of "Gunworld" . rather than try to reproduce the whole chart I will stick to the 00 buck loads and his results, in terms of pattern diameter at 7 yards and 15 yards.

    Winchester DX Magnum 3" magnum (12 pellets)

    7" ........ 17 1/2 "

    Federal Flitecontrol Vital shok 3" magnum (12 pellets)

    2"............4 13/16"

    Winchester DX 2 3/4" Magnum (12 pellets)

    7 1/4"...........17"

    Federal Flitecontrol LE 13200 (police) 2 3/4 " Magnum (9 pellets)

    1 3/4" ........5 1/2"

    Now it doesn't take much to see the difference between a sub-5 inch pattern and a plus 17 inch pattern at 15yards.

    Yes, there is a big difference, on the order of 3.5X in shotgun loads at relatively close distances.
  10. I have a new Benelli Nova 12 ga tactical SG and I keep hearing about buckshot rounds for HD. My kids' bedrooms are on the opposite side of the upstairs hallway and I've heard too many accounts of 00 and 000 pellets penetrating the BG, going through a wall or two and hitting an unintended target. Wouldn't large sized steel shot (e.g. BB) do just as well at HD distances and be safer? An added advantage is "Well you honor, I really wasn't trying to kill him. You see, I used smaller shot..." Thoughts?
  11. IT's been hacked over many times in threads, but it seems that many agree that the smaller shot, yes even a bunch of them, lack the mass individually or as a group, to be reliable.

    IMO many people fool themselves trying to get a great positive result with no potential drawbacks ("something for nothing")If it WON'T penetrate a couple layers of sheetrock I don't think I would trust it to do the job I need done.


    where did you here that tall tale about 00 buck,

    " penetrating the BG, going through a wall or two and hitting an unintended target."

    I could understand one prevaricator telling it, but

    " too many accounts"



    Whatta crock.
  12. OK, fair enough. Yes, this has been beaten pretty much to death over the years but it has been proven in ballistic testing that 00 and 000 WILL penetrate the BG and hit stuff behind him in a HD setting. Period. It will also penetrate walls inside a house. If you live in an apartment then the issue gets even more complicated. I guess us prevaricators will stick with #1 or #4 buck, or steel shot. You shoot someone at 10-15 feet or so and these will work great. 00 or 000 is ideal, otherwise.
  13. We have a miscommunication here. A brush up on English might be in order.

    "I've heard too many accounts of 00 and 000 pellets penetrating the BG, going through a wall or two and hitting an unintended target."

    A comma is a substitute for the word "and" when used in a series of verbs it implies a continuous action. if one wishes to express a separate event the word "or" is the proper choice.

    Sorry, had the word "or" been there, I would have agreed the potential exist and probably not bothered to post or would have suggested a smaller buck rather than bird shot.
  14. Roger that. My English is fine, BTW. I thought it was understood that I was just making a general point about 00 and 000 buck and their penetration issues wrt HD and wasn't concentrating much on semantics. My main goal was to get a sense of where other members of this forum fall on the "penetration vs. stopping power" spectrum. Having said that, I think we are more in agreement than I originally thought.

    I will check with some USMC and range buddies but will probably end up sticking with small buck or large steel shot for in-house HD. A couple of light loads followed by heavier ones might be a good idea, too. Not sure.
  15. I like #1 buck and I also like the Winchester PDX1 Segmenting Slugs. Currently, my HD shotguns are loaded with the PDX1 Segmenting Slugs, with #1 buck readily available as backup.
  16. Remember that steel is lighter and will penetrate less the then same size shot in lead.

    And since is is bigger then the size lead shot that weights the same, it will penetrate less then that too.
  17. Good point - thanks. #4 buck sounds maybe like it might be the way to go.
  18. My 12 gauge pump is loaded with Winchester Low Recoil OOBuck. I believe it is an 8 pellet load.
  19. As I said on another forum, it's ten paces to the front door and even less to the back door from where I'm sitting right now. Any Buck load from a 12, 20, or .410 ga. shotgun will work if an intruder enters this house. You pick the brand. tom. :cool:

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