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  1. Looking at getting a cessna 310 but don't know much about them. Anyone here have one? My wife and I are in Houston and I have a farm in Oklahoma and her family is in Pennsylvania so I need something that could be used to travel to both. Any other suggestions?

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  2. No flyers in here

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  3. MadMonkey

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    I'm not a pilot (well... I fly UAVs an RC but that doesn't count :whistling:), but I've heard that the 310's are excellent aircraft. I've always thought they were some of the prettiest twins out there, too.

    Sorry I can't help more than that :embarassed:
  4. No problem I appreciate your reply. I agree I like the looks of them as well but never looked into them much because they were always out of my price range. I like flying the smaller ones like 175,182 but they don't have the range I need

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  5. A fueling stop isnt all bad in say a 182, but another engine does give some security. 4 hours or so might want to stretch anyway.
    Are you wanting a 4 or 6 seater?
    How much do you want to spend?
    Beech is pretty fast but a bit cramped.
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  6. Prefer 6 but am open to all options and looking to stay around 100k max

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  7. Billua

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    310 will be maxed out with 6..

    If you will have 6 and a lot of extra stuff, I would look for a 340.

    Better engine out performance with that much weight.
  8. Why Cessna? Have you flown in or looked at the Piper Seneca?
  9. Won't be carrying 6, just me and the wife with 2 occasion passengers. I don't want to be flirting with weight limits on any plane

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  10. No real reason for Cessna, its just what I've been around the most. I have flown a small single piper but have not been around a Seneca but I will look at them since you mentioned it. Any certain reason you recommend it?

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  11. hagar

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    Mooney 235 should have the range. I would stay away from twins unless you are very experienced.
  12. Have more than just a little time in one. Great range and fun to fly. In a plane the class that you are seeking I would seriously look into it and the Seneca should come out as the less expensive route between the two.
  13. All planes are compromises and have their unique features and capabilities. I recommend that you join the AVsig forum; it's been in existence from way back in compuserve days and has some very experienced pilots who participate. You'd find a lot of great advice there.

  14. Oldest Aviation Forum on the Web. I confess....I am a Sig-Rat.
  15. I always wanted a 336/337 Skymaster. But a 182 would probably be the most practical choice for me personally.
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  16. I've got some time in a 310. Wasn't my favorite. I'm a baron guy myself an will always recommend a baron to anyone that wants one. They are tough, reliable, fairly cheap to buy (not own) and will last you a lifetime. I've got a bunch of time in them and can't wait until I can afford another one.
  17. First, the disclaimer.... This is just my opinion !!

    I would encourage you to look very , very carefully at maintainence costs for any twin before you buy.... Maintainance and fuel can be impressive !!:wow:

    Some of the older 310s' had a wing spar AD that could be quite expensive to perform.... I know of a couple of 310s' that were grounded by the owner because he couldn't afford to get them done..... Make sure that this AD either doesn't apply or has already been performed.

    For the mission you describe.... I would be looking at some of the more high performance , retractable singles with turbo charged engines.

    Examples : Cessna T206, Cessna T210, Piper Saratoga ( don't know if it's turbo) or the newer Beech Bonaza ( A 36 , I think it's called ?? ) . I would guess that the Bonanza ( with turbo) and T210 would cruise nearly as fast as a 310 ( within 50 knots ??) . They would make good IFR platforms and would carry your loads and still give you good performance !

    With the price of Avgas and the projected difficulties with future supply , I would personally avoid the thirsty twins..... If you can accept the performance of the Cessna 182 ( maybe look at the retractable gear 182 ) , that is a fine airplane.

    I wish you well, fly safe ! mike

    PS: I fly a '63 Mooney M20C , ( 147 knots, 180 horsepower, 10 GPH, mostly a two seater for me) ....fwiw :cool:
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  18. If you're back to thinking singles because of operational expense, consider the Turbo 210. They made a lot of them over many years, they didn't have the turbo'd-engine troubles that the factory turbo-Bonanzas had, they carry lots of fuel (89 gallons usable as I recall), and they're great travelling machines that cruise close to 200 mph (under 10,000 feet) or over 200 mph (in the teens) as long as you're willing to use supplemental oxygen. I had one "back in the day" and loved it.
  19. Had a friend who used to rave about the speed and range of his Mooney.

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