What 870 should I buy?

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by esminbritt, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. I am going to purchase an 870 soon. I want it compact for home defense use. I was leaning toward the tactical express model but it seems as they have issues with the finish. Any recommendations on an 870 with a good finish that wont break the bank?

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  2. I've bought 2 of them this year and have seen no problems with the finish on either of them.

  3. DrMaxit

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    The finish is ok, at best. It will scratch pretty easy, but just keep some oil on them and it will last. My next 870, if it's not a police, will be an older wing master. You can get them for cheap and then just buy or cut the barrel. Nice blue finish, or have it refinished. Just my opinion.
  4. SCSU74

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    870 and good finish usually don't go together. I would get an express that comes with the +2 extension and just have it cerakoted. total out of pocket should be around $400
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  5. I think you mean 870 Express and good finish don't go together. Wingmasters have beautiful blue finish. Police models are parkerized. It is the lower cost 870s that the finish is not as pretty. Not saying they aren't serviceable, but the finish is not as nice.

    OP, I second the idea to go the used Wingmaster route. Or keep your eye out for a police trade in.

  6. give or take $180.
  7. Buffering

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    Buy model #25077. It is a blank canvas for any and all mods you might have in mind.

    Think of yourself as this guy and #25077 is the canvas.

  8. DrMaxit

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    "Just draw some pretty trees here.. add some more trees in the background... Yeah some beautiful Evergreens in the back there... yeeeaahh"
  9. SCSU74

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    ? 300 out the door for gun, 100 for a Cerakote job...

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  10. If you can find an old Police 870 trade in buy it.
  11. fasteddie565

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    I have actually built my last two tactical 870's with the Express turkey model. I have not had any finish issues with it, other than not being the most attractive finish I have ever seen.
  12. Bought two used wingmasters this year best 870 out there I believe..

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  13. Mine is a 870 Super magnum that came with a 28" and 21" barrel found in a pawn shop that was super clean for $200. I simply switched out the stocks and added a 21" non rifled barrel and mag extension. All in all ended up with about 500 bucks in it but is my do it all shot gun.
  14. I vote for the Remington 870 Express....$320 at Academy Sports.
  15. Did you watch a recent FourGuysGuns review on youtube? Or did they pick it up somewhere else? Darn quantum entanglement... :steamed:
  16. This made me laugh hard. Good stuff man.
  17. I chose the 870 Marine Magnum. It uses the Wingmaster receiver/action and has nickel plate on all metal parts. I was hitting a 12" steel plate at 100 yards yesterday with slugs. Not bad for a novice shotgunner and a 18.5" barrel, if I do say so myself.
  18. For a home defense gun I would go with the cheapest Express you can find. The finish is nothing like a Wingmaster or Police but who cares. The bad guys won't. Just keep it oiled to prevent rust.
  19. I'm sure the express is good enough. But an extra few hundred dollars is worth it considering it will be protecting my wife and my 2 daughters. I'm not gonna shell out thousands of dollars to buy something crazy, but $670- compared to $370- is a difference I can swing. I spent more than that on my carry piece and that's just to protect me, usually by myself in public. I figure each one of the girls is worth another 100 bucks. And also, when I'm long gone (hopefully many years from now), this Marine Magnum will still be shiny and solid. I've heard those express models have finish issues after a few years. I doubt they will be handed down to the grandkids in 40 years. But maybe, if you keep 'em oiled. And if they didn't put something plastic where it shouldn't have been. Like in the trigger group or such. Even then, a good gunsmith can always repair them. That is, unless the zombies have eaten them all. Did I just blow you mind?
  20. I am planning on getting the 870 tactical with ghost ring sites and breeher choke tube. I think for an extra $100 the better XS sites and choke tube are worth it. I can get it for $459 at Sportmans whse. I looked a large gun show last week and everyone was sold out of it at show except one guy and he was $500.
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