We've lost one of own yesterday

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by Tackleberry40sw, Nov 29, 2012.

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    Sorry for your loss. :sadangel:

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    Headed over now to pay my respects...Laura you will be missed
    RIP sister,, you fought the good fight no more pain.

    FYI She was also a FBINA graduate the article did not mention .. to other FBINA members or chapters the local chapter has information regarding charities.

    BTW she was a contestant and did well on the original American Gladiators, she was quite an athlete.
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  3. May she rest well in Elysian fields.
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  5. R.I.P. sister.
  6. Gwinnett SO did right by her, very honorable and professional service. Family was very appreciative. Just glad we could assist with her escort here in Forsyth.

    Laura was an excellent cop and will be missed by her FBINAA family as well.
  7. Prayers sent; 25 years, and she never got to enjoy the freedom of her retirement years....

    Damned dirty cancer.

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