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Went Pig hunting again (nothing spectacular)

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by Sharker, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. Well, I got a last minute invite to go to the island again. I had to change my schedule around and then load the gear. This time I was going to be bringing my bow. It had literally been 2 years since I had shot it. So out to the shooting range for some "tune ups." Now I have been shooting my whole like (since 14) with a bow, and thus, its pretty natural to me, but its always good to practice.

    WOW I forgot how good that bow shoots. Its a PSE Nova. One of those small single cams. After some fantastic shooting on targets, I head to my buddies. Today we would have to hunt/scout an area on the south side of the island (about 1 mile from where we hunted last time), due to the wind coming out the North West. On the way there, we get a call to check a piece of property that he has rights too, as pigs are tearing it up. We swing through, and sure enough, there are 3 pis in the rice fields. We set out after them. It was sloppy walking, but we managed to get to within 15 yards. He picked out one, I picked out another, and off the arrows went. Whap-Whap. Both pigs were down with in 5 yards. (These were small pigs, not photo worthy!)

    We took those back to his house, where I gutted them, and put them on ice. We then set off for the island. It was now 12 noon. We had wasted about 2.5 hours, running here and there, and on the stalk.

    To make a long story short, on the island we never did see another pig, but it was hot by the time we got to where we were going. The island is really overgrown on the end we came in on, and it wasnt until he hit the interior that it became huntable at all. We hunted all the way across the island, and really got a good idea of what they are doing. The place we came upon last time (where they had rooted up ontop of our footprints) was destroyed this time. It was really fresh, probably an hour or so old. We are planning on going again later this week. I need to let the back/legs rest, as that is some hard terrain to walk through.

    On the way out, there was a boat full of guys and dogs, that had captured a 300-400 pound red and black pig. WOW that was a monster. (not worth shooting in my opinion).

    Anywho, I am having pig tonight.
  2. 357glocker


    Oct 28, 2002
    Glad you got 'em this time! When you say small pigs what weight are you talking about?
    Why would you not shoot the 300+lber? No good to eat I'm guessing.

  3. {Why would you not shoot the 300+lber? No good to eat I'm guessing.}

    1> tuff
    2> coarse meat
    3> possibel boar taint ( with boars )

    Unless your looking for braggin rights and not for meat , than the bigger hogs aren't the way to go. I myself perfer a hog that I can drag out by my lonesome self. Carrying out a hog that weights 1.5-2X my weight or more is not something I look forward too.

    btw: that's carcass weight ;)
  4. Noway pretty well nailed it. When they get that big, they are only good for photos and teeth. I could really care less about either.

    As to the size of these.... ah... lets just say small. 20 pounds or so. My buddy has rights to it, but has to shoot ALL pigs to make the owner happy.

    I am going again Thursday pm. We are going to head to a spot on the island that has the most sign (where they are feeding most... and luckily its only 50 yards from the boat :banana: ) Just gonna sit until dark. Will stalk if the need arises, but planning on remaining stationary. Wonder if that plan will hold.
  5. 357glocker


    Oct 28, 2002
    Does FL have a wanton waste law? If not and it sounds like hogs are pretty bad for the land why not just shoot them for the depredation like they do deer around here? Most of the farmers with depredation permits shoot the deer and butcher them up for the dogs to eat since we do have a wanton waste law. If it wasn't for the wanton waste law here I think there would be a lot of shot and left for dead deer, I'm sure you could do about the same with the hogs. I don't think I'd hesitate to shoot an unedible 300lb hog for the betterment of the land!
    Good luck on your next outing!
  6. I am not sure about a wanton law... I hunt in both Ga and Fl... (Well when I can, and lately I have FINALLY been able too as the job is allowing me more lee-way).
    I personally dont like to kill and waste. I have many times before. A buddy of mine was hired to knock back the deer on some fields in GA, and we were just popping them, and letting them run off. I would make an effort to find some of them, but not much of an effort. It was really a waste in my eyes (this has been about 6 years ago). I know it was legal. The farmer told us to leave lie, as it spooks the other deer for a few days.

    But with big pigs, its too much a pain to shoot one and take a photo, and then leave it. Dont get me wrong. If one is on the rice field, we will have to shoot it, and it will likely then just get buried. But we are allowed access to this piece of property specifically to kill off the pigs. (which will never happen, as they reproduce faster than we can kill them) On the island, I would let a big pig walk (most likely) as I am hunting for the freezer. Big pigs make lots of little pigs, so it would keep a steady supply for the future. And we have access to this island for the foreseeable future anyways.
    Thanks for the good luck wish. We are going tomorrow at 330pm, so I will hopefully have a story and pics for yall on Friday.
    And I am using the bow. Man I forgot how much fun shooting stuff with it is.
  7. {Does FL have a wanton waste law? If not and it sounds like hogs are pretty bad for the land why not just shoot them for the depredation like they do deer around here? }

    1st Hogs are not game animals in florida.

    2nd only on State managed hunting lands are wanton/waste laws for game animals applicable

    3rd a hog would be classsified and controlled by FWC in the above case ( #2) and label game animals.

    So technically you could blast them like that of a PD in Nebraska and be legal in all areas. Alot of people come to florida just to hunt a boar and to grab a photo and maybe a cape to be mounted.

    just my 2cts..
  8. 357glocker


    Oct 28, 2002
    Normally I do not agree with shooting things just to kill, but in the case of pigs I don't see a problem with it from the bad they cause that I hear about.
    Once again good luck:)
  9. I am not as big into shooting stuff just to shoot it as I once was. Granted often I am told to just to retain rights to a piece of property. (The farmers let you hunt it to benefit them, not you, and dead pigs =benefit to them)

    But pigs arent so bad if your not the land owner. You can keep the freezer full year round (if you so desire to hunt in the heat/parasite ridden months of the summer). I hadnt hunted for 12 months before this latest string, so my freezer was empty.

    We got post-poned last night. Moved the hunt to Monday (didnt realize it was a banking holiday). We are going to spend the whole day in the woods and see what happens. Tides will be alittle off, but we are hoping we can make it work.
  10. gungetter


    Mar 5, 2007
    What is a good eating weight for a pig then 50-100 lbs?
  11. Personally I like pigs about 75-100 pounds. (better sized ribs). I like sows too.... boars taste like $&*^... so best avoided if possible. The bigger they are, the worse they taste.

    All pigs should be gutted ASAP. If you knock down a midsized boar 75-150, cut his nuts off asap... it really saves on taste. Less than about 75 pounds their balls probably havent dropped, so no big worry. If your boar is bigger than that.... get the teeth and feed the dogs.
    (these are my preferences, some people may have a less discerning palate.)
  12. gungetter


    Mar 5, 2007
    just a question why would it make it taste better if you cut the balls off right away. just wondering. thanks for the other info very helpful.
  13. sharker has it right 75-100lbs tops are great roasting hogs.

    {just a question why would it make it taste better if you cut the balls off right away. just wondering. thanks for the other info very helpful.}

    This an old wives , internet myth.

    The wild boar taint is from testosrone and the hog running around with big baseballs between the legs and then you cut them off a few muinutes after death, is not going todo any thing with taste. Same sillyness is displayed with tying off the ***** of a deer ;)

    If you want a hog with no boar taint,than shoot a sow or a barr hog ( aka Barrow hog ) which is or was a young male that was castrated and then re-release back into the wild.

    I have a friend of mine that trains young dogs for baying hogs and if they pin down a young boar they do the operation right in the field and dress him up with liquid and bandages and staples. They only dream of killing them at some future date ;)
    NOTE: Barr hogs do grow bigger than the boars that have the full pkg